Welcome to a new era of golf. The GOLFZON Simulator brings the wonderful world of golf to everyone.

Since 2000, GOLFZON has been recognized as the industry leader in golf simulators,

providing users with the most realistic golfing experience in the market today.

Whether you want to practice your swing so you’re ready for a big tournament or get a quick nine but it’s raining outside,

the GOLFZON Simulator delivers a stunning, enjoyable platform to golf.

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GDR – Golf Practice Innovation

Chosen by the Korea National Golf Team, GDR provides the most accurate simulation data by using an ultra-high speed dual camera sensor system. Combining convenient statistics graphics, swing shot videos, fun features, and online services, GDR can be used for various kinds of golf businesses to enhance offerings and customer engagement.

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($800 ~)

GDR Sensor

Swing Motion Camera

Touch Screen and Pedal Buttons

GOLFZON VISION was tested and guaranteed by tour professional golfers

Tested on real golf courses by professional tour golfers to prove its accuracy of flying distance, fade, draw, and other qualities, VISION is the most advanced and best at home golf simulator.


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GOLFZON REAL has superior graphic features and its virtual courses present unmatched reality

Virtual courses in GOLFZON REAL are designed from aerial photographs and 3-dimensional photography technology. Combined with other options such as weather, daylight, and wind, GOLFZON REAL offers the ultimate realistic golf round experience.


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