Custom Setting

Play conditions, wind, weather, tee height, and location.

Play Modes

Total of 7 modes available including Stroke, Match, and Foursome.

Club Recommendation and Selection

Displays target location for each club.

Ground Information

Distance, height, green, etc.

Score Card

Total scores for each hole.

Realistic Shot Experience

Shots are reflected simultaneously on the screen.

Various Training Modes

Analysis (Practice) / Chip & Putting Mode.

Various Data View

Relative distance, carry, shot angle, ball speed, etc.

VISION At Home Golf Simulator Advantage

Go Beyond Reality

GOLFZON’s at home golf simulator software allows you to play on real-life golf courses. Aerial photographs produce unmatched course realism. Discover legendary St. Andrews in all its vivid details, along with 150 world-class courses with GOLFZON VISION.

Real Fade, Draw, and Lob Shots

The sensitive and accurate GOLFZON VISION sensor system precisely measures club trace, impact, and ball movement which are used to calculate realistic ball properties such as draw, fade, and lob shots.

Real Slope and Ground Conditions

The GOLFZON VISION Swing Plate makes it possible to simulate real course slopes. Combined with fairway, rough, and bunker mats, players can play under real slope and different ground conditions. Improve your game and practice for any situation with GOLFZON at home golf simulator software.

Real Green Undulations

Real green undulations deliver the same thrill and challenge as being on the actual course field. See all your shots using the swing video replay function, just like the professionals.

Online Network Service and Competition

GOLFZON’s unique online service connects all the worldwide GOLFZON users together, and anyone can participate in competition events wherever they are. Using the GLF (GOLFZON Live Festival) feature, you can easily organize new competition events. Event features such as Hole-in-one, Longest-drive, and Shoot-the-balloon provide additional fun for any user, whether a beginner or a low-handicapper.

VISION Main Functions