GOLFZON REAL has superior graphic features and its virtual courses present unmatched reality

Virtual courses in GOLFZON REAL are designed from aerial photographs and 3-dimensional photography technology. Combined with other options such as weather, daylight, and wind, GOLFZON REAL offers the ultimate realistic golf round experience.


REAL Features

Making golf round more real was the final goal for developing GOLFZON REAL.
It took 3 years, 200 R&D human resources and 11 million US dollar of investment to bring REAL to the world.

Next Level Reality of ‘REAL’

Perfect Realization of Golf Course

-Photographed 200 golf courses with specially designed airplane equipped with 3D camera
-All the objects such as trees, bushes, grasses, rocks and  everything were delicately represented to maximize virtual reality.

Various Round Options and Events

-Separate mats are available for Fairway, Rough and Bunker,  making your shots closer to the real field.
-Events options
-Anyone can organize online network competition

Optimized Practice Mode

-You can practice and analyze each club’s swing data and flying distances
-Better prepared for ball analysis
-Practice can be more fun with Par 3 holes and chip&putt mode

REAL Hardware

REAL Main Components


GOLFZON N Sensor System

• Over 170  infrared sensor modules measure ball speed, direction and spin.

GOLFZON Swing Plate (optional)

Automatically adjusts to ground elevation of current ball position.
Size(mm) : 1582~2125(L) x 1110(W) x 94~260(H)
Weight : 121~320kg
Maximum Load : 150kg / m2
Optional : Fixed plate (right/both-handed) Swing plate (right/both-handed)

Ball Supplier

Option 1. Auto tee-up
  • Automatic ball feed and Auto tee-up system.
  • Minimum recommended ceiling height for installation 10.2(feet).
Option 2. Auto tee-up (ball collector type)      
  • Automatic ball feed & one-touch powered tee-up system.
Option 3. Auto caddie (ball box type)
  • Manual ball feed & one-touch powered tee-up system.

GS System Console

Main GS System & Control Center with Supply Unit.
OS : Genuine MS OS


Brightness : 5,000 Ansi Lumens
Resolution : 1,024 x 768 (XGA)
※Model and specifications are only recommendations, subject to change.



Specially designed to provide brighter graphics and increased depth perception.
Optional : Rope / Velcro / Quiet Rope / Quiet Velcro
※2 screens per order.
※Custom sizes available.

Swing Replay Camera

SAMSUNG 41 million pixels, Optical Lens.
Features : swing replay (recording and auto-save)
Can be installed on the GS console internally or externally.
※ Model and specifications are only recommendations, subject to change.

Ball Feed Switch

Convenient One-touch button for ball feed.

Card Readers and Membership Card (optional)

Allows automatic login to GS and easy access to other services.

Model : UDR-100IF

FREQUENCY BAND 13,553 – 13,567 Mhz
FIELD STRENGTH 3,32dB(㎂/m) at 10m