Golf Practice Innovation

Chosen by the Korea National Golf Team, GDR provides the most accurate simulation data by using an ultra-high speed dual camera sensor system. Combining convenient statistics graphics, swing shot videos, fun features, and online services, GDR can be used for various kinds of golf businesses to enhance offerings and customer engagement.


GDR- Indoor Driving Range Features

GDR indoor driving range hardware employs the GDR sensor system, touch screen monitor and fairway-rough-bunker mat set are all parts of GOLFZON’s unique technology. (GDR : Golfzon Driving Range)

GDR Hardware

GDR Main Components

GDR Sensor

The GDR sensor is easy to install and can be comfortably placed on the ground. Unlike other dual camera sensors, the GDR sensor uses stereo vision technology, making the sensing results more accurate.

 Grass Mat

Optimized for the GDR sensor, GDR’s standard grass mat offers solid quality. Also compatible with the auto Tee-up system.

GDR Kiosk with Touch Screen

The GDR indoor driving range system, software, touch screen, front camera, and pedal buttons are all included in the GDR kiosk.


Auto Tee-up (optional)

Automatically collects and dispenses golf balls for each shot. Tee heights are adjustable.


With one on the kiosk and one on a separate camera stand, front and side cameras capture the user’s swing.


Standard screens are strong enough to withstand the impact of golf balls and meet the non-flammable safety requirement for indoor facilities.


Recommended specifications Brightness : 5,000 Ansi Lumens or brighter Resolution : 1,024 x 768 pixels


Aggregated practice data is analyzed to show your stats such as tee-shot, green-on, putting accuracy rates. The GDR indoor driving range system provides best-in-class technology to measure metrics and improve your game.

Field Analysis Function

Offering customized function where players can focus on personalized practice for areas needing improvement through data analysis provided by GDR.

Swing Motion History

Review the improvements in your swing motion over time. In addition to that, personal records, shot analysis and swing analysis can be viewed at any time on the web.

GDR Installation Specification

Basic System Parts

Width (8.5 feet) GDR sensors/kiosk/touch screen monitor/

Recommended System Installation Size

Width (8.5 feet) X Depth(16.5 feet) X Height(10~11 feet)
∗ Extra 5 feet depth needed for safety swing zone.

Easy to Install

Easily fits indoor or outdoor facilities

Optional Parts

Auto tee-up / swing plate