Official Golf Simulator of the LPGA

Golf simulator born from the best of Korean IT and golf.
More than 50 million rounds of golf are played on 25,000 GOLFZON simulators worldwide annually.
Since its establishment in 2000, GOLFZON has been leading the global golf simulator market
by aggressively investing in its 300 R&D personnel.
GOLFZON is building a global ecosystem to connect golfers
from around the world to experience together the joy of total golf culture.

We present you golf  Simulator in a way never seen before.

GOLFZON VISION, Indoor Golf Simulator for Round!

Want to play anytime anywhere?

GOLFZON VISION is the most advanced home golf simulator for sale today. It was co-developed with tour professionals and golf instructors, providing the most realistic golf experience.
GOLFZON’s 3D graphics technology vividly captures life-like details of famous golf courses.
Sensors accurately measure club and ball movement to visually project the most natural ball trajectory.

  • triangle-iconSensor : measures up to 437yd shot
  • triangle-iconreads all 9 ball flights
  • triangle-iconreads any unmarked balls
  • triangle-iconSwing plate : 8-way directional control
  • triangle-iconMat set : fairway, bunker, rough
  • triangle-iconBoth-handed swing platform
  • triangle-iconMore than 100 3D graphic courses
  • triangle-iconOnline network service

GOLFZON GDR, Golf Practice Simulator for Golfers!

Want to swing like a pro?

GOLFZON GDR provides the most accurate simulation data
by using an ultra-high speed dual camera sensor system. Combining convenient statistics graphics,
swing shot videos, fun features, and online service. Unlike other competitors’ indoor golf simulators, our sensor reads the movement of all kinds of unmarked balls and shows calculate ball’s trajectory, direction, and spins.
Therefore, a variety of shots; such as draws, fades and pitch shots can be played.
Go beyond your usual golf practice with accurate analysis and full set of practice features on GDR.

  • triangle-iconSensor : reads any unmarked balls
  • triangle-iconmeasures down to 1 foot
  • triangle-iconCamera : captures swing motion
  • triangle-iconChallenge mode
  • triangle-iconField practice mode
  • triangle-iconWeb and mobile apps

Course Production Technology

World class golf courses available in GOLFZON indoor simulator.
Unlike other competitors, GOLFZON produces courses with their own technology.
Each course takes about three months to complete at a cost of $50,000.
Built to provide the best in 3D graphics, GOLFZON uses CryENGINE technology, the most advanced program for replicating life-like course visuals.
In order to recreate each hole, high-end aerial drones, specially outfitted with laser technology are used
to capture detailed images of the terrain. Detailed topographic information is applied to create
the most natural looking landscape and even local rules for individual courses are applied.

  • triangle-iconPebble Beach Golf Links
  • triangle-iconPebble Beach Delmonte
  • triangle-iconKawana Hotel GC-Fuji Course
  • triangle-iconPGA National Championship Course
  • triangle-iconSt. Andrews Old Course
  • triangle-iconSt. Andrews New Course
  • triangle-iconHarbour Town Golf Links
  • triangle-iconMore than 100 Courses


GOLFZON simulators provide excellent space utilization.
We can install anywhere if you have space even at outdoor.
In addition to golf, it can also accommodate family entertainment devices like movie projector and games.

For your Home

  • You can play the best courses whenever you want.
  • You can even use project for watching TV and movies with family
  • You can also connect games –play station, Xbox- using projector and screen.

For your Business

  • There are over 25,000 GOLFZON systems worldwide. You can join us today!
  •  Give an opportunity for your Indoor golf lounges, Hotel & Resorts, Sports Bar, etc.

For your Golf facility

  • Get an Official golf simulator of the LPGA which Korea national golf team uses for training
  • Imagine your business is filled with junior golfers!
  • More efficient! Direct understanding of ball flights and swing motions with visual display on.

Online Network

As GOLFZON golf simulator users continue to share their data on the web and mobile networks,
participate in online tournaments with friends, eventually this will lead to
a greater user base and open up new business models.
Experience new ways to enjoy golf by participating in amateur tournaments
and pro tour events on our online network.

  • triangle-iconOnline Tournament
  • triangle-iconG-TOUR
  • triangle-iconGOLFZON Apps
  • triangle-iconGOLFZON User Website

The Benefits of Golf Simulators

We are excited to hear an increasing number of golf fanatics are going for the indoor driving ranges, especially the country clubs and sports club where golf simulators are well equipped. Check out the pros we share here and hone your golfing abilities with home golf simulators now!

  • More convenient and limited space needs

Apparently few of us have enough room to install a putting green, driving range or short play practice field. However, golf simulators make it real to play in both a very limited space and outdoor.

  • Various choices for golf courses and play modes

The best golf simulators help you realize your impossible dreams and provide you with a number of world famous and professional golf courses to choose from so that you can learn to play like the pros.
GOLFZON are more professional on the simulator courses produced with aerial photography.
This keeps the game fresh and vivid to hone your golf game.

  • Accessible and time & money-saving (Indoor Golf Lounge)

Golf clubs, gloves and shoes are ready in virtual golf lounges (lounge bars or sports clubs), which means you and you buddies can just head to the lounges without bringing anything but yourself and them. Plus, you can bring your funny golfing buddies as many as possible to improve all of your swings during your swing practice or golf scrambles.

  • Advanced technology helps your swing improvement

GOLFZON has over 300 elites working in the R&D section to develop better golf simulator VISION and practice simulator GDR which are equipped with hi-tech sensors that can sense your swing motions and provide accurate analysis for correction to help you improve all of your swings.

Indoor golf simulators can provide numerous benefits. Not only can it help you improve your game, but it can provide access to the sport when you may not have the means to do so. If you want to experience something new, funny, and amazing, GOLFZON golf simulators will never let you down.