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GOLFZON’s Global Distributorship Follows Below Steps

STEP1. Information Search

  1. Collect information of GOLFZON and GOLFZON’s products
  2. Set up the business direction based on the searched information

STEP2. Draw Rough Business plan

  1. Conduct the market research for setting up the business strategy.
  2. Set up the start up plan and draw the rough draft business plan

STEP3. Partnership Application

Press the “Partnership Inquiry” button to
fill out the basic information GO

STEP4. Request for Specific Business Plan

  1. GOLFZON managers go over the information sent by a inquirer
  2. GOLFZON managers request a inquirer for the specific business proposal

STEP5. Evaluation of Business Plan

  1. GOLFZON managers review the submitted business proposal
  2. GOLFZON managers evaluate and tunes the detail conditions

STEP6. Negotiation on Partnership Condition

Discuss GOLFZON managers with detail partnership conditions

STEP7. Partnership Agreement

Get the Partnership Agreement

STEP8. Basic Training & Education

GOLFZON educates the partner on the product,
Service and procedure