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GOLFZON’s Product Purchaser Follows Below Steps

STEP1. Consideration of Location & Space

1. Search candidate areas for the business purpose. Directly move to the business applicaition. GO
2. Check the building condition for the installation by products.
(1) Installation space requirements for Golf Simulators GO
(2) Installation space requirements for Golf Practice GO

STEP2. Set up the fund management plan

1. Calculate investment cost, management cost and ROI
(1) Investment cost : Simulator Purchasing cost, Delivery Cost, Interior Cost, etc
(2) Management Cost : Real estate rents fee, Personnel expenses 2. Decide the fee per playing and calculate rate of profit.

STEP3. Execute real estate contract

1. Search appropriate real estate fitting with recommended space for installation.
2. Execute real estate contract

STEP4. Interior Construction

1. Design the interior concept based on the blueprints by simulators
2. Select the Interior company and get the estimate.
3. Check the internet networking and electricity power.

STEP5. Importing Golf Simulator

Place an order to GOLFZON.
Check exportation process (Tax, Tariff, Customs law)
Deliver the Simulators.

STEP6. Installing Simulator

1. Check and inform GOLFZON of the simulators installation date.
2. GOLFZON engineers visit and install the simulators.
3. GOLFZON engineers educate how to operate the simulators and cope with troubleshooting

STEP7. Execute real estate contract

1. Confirm the opening date.
2. Plan the marketing strategy and conduct.
3. Open the shop.