1-golfzon zoimaru

On October 10th, the Taiwanese National Golf Team visited GOLFZON ZOIMARU located in Daejeon. They experienced a variety of exercise equipments on their ZOIMARU tour and also played a friendly 9-hole match against the GOLFZON Elite Academy players.



2-golfzon simulator

3-golfzon champions hall

GOLFZON ZOIMARU is the worlds first golf theme park. In addition to golf simulators, this Daejeon landmark offers many other family oriented facilities such as an art shop, a movie theatre, par 3 hole course and mini-golf.

Located on the first floor is the Hall of Champions, a venue to showcase the golf simulator tour (G-TOUR). There is both mens G-TOUR and womens WG-TOUR, with G-TOUR pros often becoming very famous in Korea. Each playing station is fitted with natural greenery along the walls and optimal lighting setup to provide similar humidity and lighting conditions of an actual field.


2. Experiencing the GOLFZON Elite Academy Training System

4-golfzon golf simulator

5-swing analysis

Located on another floor is the GOLFZON Elite Academy training facility. Here, the Taiwanese national team were able to experience the same training system as the one used by the Korean academy golfers. This is golf swing analysis room, located inside the elite academy training facility. The PRESOL(Premium Lesson Solution) equipment is not a system for swing enhancement, but rather an analysis equipment for improving a players swing efficiency. It accurately identifies the upper body movement and the tilt of the player throughout the swing by analysing a series of images and determining the correct course for optimal transfer of power. Every golfer wants an accurate analysis of their swing, and the same can be said about the Taiwanese national golf team as they showed great interest in the swing analysis system. It was impressive to see the keen interest in their own swing analysis results provided by the high-speed camera.

6-golf fitness

Next, we visited the fitness center. Unlike traditional fitness centers, this fitness center is focused on strength and flexibility training system that is optimally designed for golfers and it also provides a separate area for massage therapy. The Taiwanese National Team spent time in the fitness center to improve their own flexibility.


3. Foursome Match Play with the Taiwanese National Team

7-golfzon simulator vision

8-golfzon swing plate

After the tour, everyone was anticipating the match between the Taiwanese national team and the GOLFZON elite academy players. In the foursome match play, each team consisted of one player from the Taiwanese National Team and one player from the GOLFZON Elite Academy. Even though the Taiwanese national team had less experience playing on golf simulators, they quickly found their game during the match.

9-taiwan national golf team

In the beginning, both players from the Taiwanese national team and the GOLFZON Elite Academy showed some anxiety in their play, but as the game progressed both teams displayed some amazing skills with their accurate shots and birdies for an exciting match. The Taiwanese National Team has wonderful players with great skills befitting their status as national representatives. We hope the visit to Korea will help the in the development of their national team and we look forward to a bright future between GOLFZON and the Taiwanese national golf team!