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Indoor golf witnessed a rapid growth in the past two years. GOLFZON remains the market leader in golf simulators and continues its phenomenal growth from South Korea  and beyond, bringing golfers the best of the sport. GOLFZON GDR, VISION and REAL, make up the main GOLFZON simulator line. They share the same level of advanced technology that goes into all GOFZON simulators but also offer unique features for each model.

The sensors that power GDR, VISION and REAL simulators are specifically designed by GOLFZON for each model. For example, GDR specializes in personal golf practice by providing accurate shot data analysis. GDR sensors accurately records each shot data, which is then visually represented in the GDR user-friendly interface. By providing accurate visual data such as ball speed, spin rate, launch angle and distance, GDR helps golfers understand more clearly which part of their swing they need to improve. GDR’s driving range, field practice, events and challenge modes also offer golfers fun ways to practice all their golf shots. In the field practice mode, for example, golfers can experience tee shots, approaches and putting in real-world settings and terrain conditions to bring enjoyment back to golf practices.

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GOLFZON GDR, VISION and REAL simulators feature video playback of player’s swing motion to assist in the correction of their golf swing. GDR has two high resolution cameras installed at front and back of the player to provide multiple angle playback, in normal or slow speed, for better visual analysis of their swings. VISION simulator also includes the video playback function, but players can also upload videos of their favorite shot directly to the GOLFZON website to share with others. VISION is designed for round play and provides the same distance and ball flight as the real game. In addition, golfers from around the world are gathering at GLF (GOLFZON Live Festival) to test their skills against other players online, helping to develop a true global community of golfers. REAL offers 150 virtual golf courses rendered from actual aerial photographs of real golf courses from around the world. Each course has been precisely measured to deliver a realistic course experience and golfing enjoyment that goes beyond reality. Golfers will benefit from GOLFZON GDR, VISION and REAL simulators’ accurate shot data, enhanced features and advanced technologies to provide them with new insights into their game.