We are entering the era of smartphones. Smartphone is being in every part of our life, and golf is not an exception. Golf apps also became a part of a golfer’s life. Many golfers are already using apps for practicing swing, booking rounds, and even for reading lesson columns. Today we are excited to announce that GOLFZON officially launched the golf app in the global market.GOLFZON global app
Foremost, the GOLFZON global app inherits the key features of the Korean version used in Korea, and is equipped with more interesting functions: the Score Card – the new score synchronization feature, My Swing Replay – video playback of the swing motion, the golf scrambles between you and your buddies to see who is better in golf, My GLF where you can get first-hand information on our golf events and tournaments to make your golf life more challenging and interesting. Let’s take a closer look at them.

GOLFZON global app - score card

The Score Card – a new score synchronization feature for the mobile app to manage your scores
The score card shows the information on the stroke and putt of every single shot, and also the data of average putting, longest driving distance, fairway hit and green in regulation. Sharing your scores with your buddies via the social media platforms on the app will definitely color your golf life.

GOLFZON global app - swing replay

My Swing Replay – my personal video playback of the swing motions
Both the individual players’ swing motion and other players’ swing motion can be checked out on the app. The video playback aims to assist correcting the swing flaws, or share with other uses by Share function. Similar to YouTube, once you upload your video playback, other golfers can leave comments and it’s definitely a great opportunity to exchange opinions in golf. You can draw on the app and it helps with the analysis of the angles of your swing. Sounds familiar? Yes, this is exactly the same as to draw on the screen of GOLFZON golf simulator GDR during the analysis of your swing motion.

Friendships built through golf – sharing with your golf buddies
GOLFZON helps you look for more members to battle for the golf tournaments on the basis of your address when you register for a GOLFZON account. What’s more, it will be exciting to see the comparison results with other members in rankings and other data. Now share your score cards, the video playback of your swing motion through social networks. Sometimes souvenirs are available during the events.

GOLFZON global app - swing analysis

Who’s Better – The GOLFZON ranking graph to reveal your performance and the pentagons to show the results of your swing analysis
Whos Better function provides pentagons to shape the analysis results of your swing ability in 5 aspects. It features a friendly golf scrambles between you and your fun golf buddies – to see who is better by average score, flight distance, longest shot, on-fairway rate, and green in regulation. The ranking graph provides a clear view of your performances of all members.

GOLFZON global app - glf


GLF – get first-hand information on the tournaments and events in golf
It’s a fast way to glance over a list of archived, ongoing and upcoming tournaments and events in golf, and participate in the tournaments you are into. Click for more details on the duration, the shops available for the tournaments and events, and the number of participants etc.

GOLFZON global app - location

Besides, it’s fun to discover more interesting features of GOLFZON’s newly launched global app. Let’s meet GOLFZON global app and enjoy indoor golf more than ever.