One of the things we noticed at the 2016 PGA SHOW was the rapid development of indoor golf simulators. Except for TrackMan, we have seen very mediocre equipment offerings the past few years. However, this year we were introduced to an increasing number of state-of-the-art indoor golf simulators from various companies.

Among the simulators, GOLFZON simulators were the most recommended for golfers. Let’s first examine the VISION system. Even without the guidance of an expert or a professional, the VISION system  lets golfers read and analyze their own data while experiencing a true sense of realism not offered in any other golf simulators.

GOLFZON indoor golf simulator– VISION

l GOLFZON VISION Official PR Video


GOLFZON VISION was tested and guarenteed by Tour professional golfers. They tested on real golf courses to prove its accuracy of flying distance, fade, draw, and other qualities. VISION is the most advanced premium indoor golf simulator.


  • Go beyond reality

Aerial photographs produce unmatched cours realism. Discover legendary St. Andrews in all its vivid details, along with 150 world-class courses with GOLFZON VISION.


  • Real fade,draw and lob shots

The sensitive and accurate GOLFZON VISION sensor system precisely measures club trace, impact, and ball movement which are used to calculate realistic ball properties such as draw, fade, and lob shots.


  • Real Slope and ground conditions

The GOLFZON VISION Swing Plates makes it possivle to simulate real couse slopes. Combined with fairway, rough, and bunker mats, layers can play under real slope and different ground conditions.


  • Real green undulations

Real green undulations deliver the same thrill and challenge as being on the actual course field. See all your shots using the swing video replay function, just like the professionals.


  • Online network service & competition

GOLFZON’s unique online service connects all the worldwide GOLFZON users together, and anyone can participate in conpetition events wherever they are. Using the GLF (GOLFZON Live Festival) feature, you can seasily organize new competition events. Event features such as Hole-in-one, Longest drive, and Shoot-the-ballon provide additional fun for any user, whether a beginner of a low-handicapper.