Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, this is certainly the case when golfers are weighing the pros and cons of indoor golf training equipment. But when it comes to GOLFZON golf simulator, the pros outpace the cons in many different aspects. Let’s review some of the its core benefits.


You can practice golf efficiently anytime and anywhere


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Indoor golf simulators are always available to the golfers and their practice. One of its biggest advantages is that you can enjoy the sport regardless of the time of day and weather conditions. This is especially true for a sport that is so influenced by these two factors.


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The golf simulator eliminates the limitations of golf by supporting the long practice sessions of professional golfers and instructors, accommodates the extended operating hours of indoor golf facilities, and offer hotels and resorts with extra amenities for their guests.


The case for GOLFZON golf simulator


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Even though the number of golf training equipment manufacturers have greatly increased in just a few short years, GOLFZON products still lead the industry with its outstanding accuracy, efficiency, entertainment, design, and much more. You can select the sensors for ceiling or floor mounting, depending on the equipment being installed, and the software for either your swing analysis or field practice. In addition, it easily installs at any indoor golf facilities to provide golfers with an optimal environment for practicing golf. This is the simple and elegant design of GOLFZON golf simulators.


The most advanced swing analysis technology.


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GOLFZON R&D team, consisting of more than 300 engineers, have created the VISION golf simulator and the GDR practice simulator. The hardware and the software have also been optimized through the development input from Korea’s most talented professional golfers.


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GOLFZON indoor golf training equipment’s sensors can accurately measure 9 data points for both ball impact and pitch. It is the most systematic implementation of a hardware-based software that can greatly assist your swing analysis and calibration, by providing the most important ball speed, trajectory, and directional data points.


As a facility operator in need of golf simulators, you’ll appreciate the ease of use and the entertaining elements that GOLFZON golf simulators will bring to you.