Since 2015, the global golf industry has seen an explosion of golf practice equipment from the leading screen golf manufacturers. With their cutting-edge technology, they provide golfers with a realistic field experience (some exceeding actual outdoor experience) in an indoor environment. You can now combine your goals in golf with the unique simulator characteristics to find the screen golf equipment that is right for you.



An Outstanding Screen Golf Manufacturer: GOLFZON

GOLFZON is Korea’s and the world’s leading screen golf manufacturer. And with the feedback from Korea’s most skilled and highly regarded professional golfers, GOLFZON created the VISION golf simulator featuring the world’s top 170 golf courses. In a country of limited space and numerous mountains, the indoor golf simulators have become very popular in Korea due to their ease of use and access, year-round golf practice and entertainment value. GOLFZON has approximately 80% of the domestic indoor golf simulator market.


3-4. Screen golf manufacturer- GOLFZON, LPGA's favorite golf simulator (1)

In pursuit of advancing the golf training equipment and the global golf industry, GOLFZON has developed the GDR system and earned the partnership with the LPGA as their official golf simulator.



Popularizing Golf Through GOLFZON Activities

In the past, golf was seen as the sport for the privileged in Korea. GOLFZON has taken a major role in breaking this view and popularizing golf for everyone. In Korea, the majority of its population is concentrated in metropolitan areas, whereas  the golf courses are located in open rural areas. And with the addition of expensive course fees, the indoor golf simulators have become the choice for many people to enjoy and learn golf by offering lower cost and easier accessibility.


3-4. Screen golf manufacturer- GOLFZON, LPGA's favorite golf simulator (2)

“GOLFZON ACADEMY” Indoor Driving Range featuring the GOLFZON GDR

Through the increasing popularity of its golf simulators, GOLFZON is leading the way for golf culture in Korea by venturing in driving ranges, golf retail shops, and other business areas to meet the demands of the golfing public.




Three types of GOLFZON products

3-4. Screen golf manufacturer- GOLFZON, LPGA's favorite golf simulator (3)


Discover over 170 courses on the golf simulator designed for the ultimate in virtual field play. Experience the accuracy of its ceiling mounted sensors as they simultaneously measure the ball and the club for precise pitch calculation.



It stands for GOLFZON Driving Range, an all-in-one golf equipment featuring driving range and swing analyzer functions. It provides precise pitch data so you can effectively analyze your swings and make the correct adjustments.


③ GOLFZON Swing Talk

With every swing, the button-sized swing analyzer fitted to the end of the grip displays the swing data on your smartphone via Bluetooth connection.