2-6. One of the best golf training aids GDR (1)

l Korea national golfers using GDR

 Although the golf industry has launched a variety of golf training aids with state-of-the-art IT technology, only GOLFZON golf simulators’ technology has achieved official certification, in particular, the GDR training simulator. Whether receiving lessons or training on your own, GDR’s systematic practice module makes golf lessons easy and effective.

The precision sensors capture a complete set of the user’s swing data and displayed immediately for a more effective training feedback. A variety of challenge exercises in the GDR’s software also puts additional fun to your practice.

GOLFZON GDR’s technology has been recognized by the Korean National Golf Team as the only official golf training aid equipment at the Taereung Korea National Training Center. In 2015, GOLFZON entered into a partnership with the LPGA to continue its support of golfers worldwide and contribute to the golf industry’s development.

l GOLFZON GDR Official PR Video

Chosen by the Korea National Golf Team, GDR provides the most accurate simulation data by using an ultra high speed dual camera sensor system. Combining convenient statistics graphics, swing shot videos, fun features, and online service, GDR can be used for various kinds of golf business.


1.Precision simulation

GDR sensors track the surface of the ball ar speed close to 2,000 frames per second, reading dimples and patterns. Combined with KPGA professional golfers’ repeated test results, GDR has made truly accurate golf simulation possible.


2.Practice becomes fun

Having created the most popular golf simulator business in the world, GOLFZON’s years of experience were fully deployed to make golf practice fun. Unlike a simple launce monitor, GDR features various practice methods and virtual round functions.


3.Helpful for improving golf skills

GDR covers the whole range of necessary golf skill practice – woods, long irons, approach, pitching, and putting – to actually improve users’ golf scores. Various statistics enable systematic analysis of the weaknesses and strengths of the user, and at the same time provide tools to strengthen weakness.


 4.GDR Sensor

Featuring dual high-resolution cameras, GOLFZON’s GDR sensor accurately measure ball data such as speed, angle, direction, and back/side spin rates.


 5.GDR Main Functions

– Driving Range     – Approach and Pitching     –  Swing Tempo      – Level Test

– Preferences     – Challnge Mode     – Field Practice     – Fiting Mode

– Wed and Mobile (to review the data)


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