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There is an old proverb, “Love me, love my dog,” and we would like to say “Love GDR, love our VISION”. If you have fallen in love with the GOLFZON practice simulator GDR, you would probably love to know more about GOLFZON’s other golf simulator: VISION. VISION is the most advanced premium golf simulator which has been tested on real golf courses by tour professional golfers to prove the accuracy of the ball flights and other features.

Golfzon Vision (1)

First let’s take a deeper look at VISION’s main components. VISION has a high-speed camera sensor to measure the club trace, impact and the ball movement to bring the highest accuracy of each swing to make your golf round closer to reality. VISION also has a moving swing plate with 360 degrees of directional movement to help simulate the real course slopes. The swing plate is equipped with the VISION mat which includes different types of mats, including fairway, rough, and green bunker that help deliver an environment similar to actual field. You will be also surprised at VISION for it features a video playback of your swing motion to assist how to correct your golf swing.

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VISION also has various software programs, which provides you with swing practice that goes beyond reality. It tells the club recommendation and selection up to the target location for each club. In the custom setting mode you can adjust the play conditions, wind, weather, tee height and location. Apart from this, you are also given different play modes, ground information, score card, various training modes e.g. chip & putting mode, and data views. As we mentioned before, GOLFZON simulator courses were produced with aerial photography from a vast number of real and fictional golf courses, and there are numerous world-class courses in GOLFZON VISION so far.

Have you ever heard about GLF? The GLF (GOLFZON Live Festival) is GOLFZON’s unique online service which brings GOLFZON users from around the worldwide together to test their skills against other players online. You can create new competition events or participate in the hosted events wherever you are. Such competitions can focus on hole-in-one, longest-drive, and shoot-the-balloon.

                                A new view of the immersive golf courses from the VISION PLUS camera

Lately, VISION PLUS – GOLFZON’s new masterpiece – was successfully launched to the Korean market. The VISION PLUS is equipped with the full HD course graphics, voice caddy services, and convertible live-streaming views of nice shots. The VISION provides golfers a realistic golfing experience and successfully earned the love of golfers. Let’s expect our further business expansion of VISION PLUS into international markets.

Do you have no idea where to find our VISION golf games? Here is some information about the locations where you can access our VISION. VISION golf game is currently accessible in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Russia, France, United States, Canada and Australia etc. We are working hard to expand our business area to more countries henceforth.

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