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We have been running our blog on GOLFZON’s golf simulators for a while. However, if you’ve had a chance to practice golf with our golf simulator GDR, this article will help you access the GDR more. So take the very first step – log in with your GOLFZON ID, and there you go – the home screen is ready. A brief introduction for each mode is available on the screen.


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First you will learn the difference of each practice mode. The driving center mode includes the driving range practice, mini swing practice, slope practice and fitting. For beginners, starting with basic swing in the mini virtual swing practice (Half Swing) mode is the best alternative.


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The driving range mode is where you can practice and obtain accurate visual data of your swing direction, distances etc. In the driving range mode for swing & shot, basic practice information is in the top left and right corners, showing you how many strokes you have played and how many minutes are left. There is also a video playback of your swing motion to assist when correcting your golf swing. The accurate visual data such as ball speed, launch angle, direction, back spin and distance are clearly shown in the bottom, while the club type and range details are in the bottom right corner.


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The putting green is another way to practice golf in the driving range mode. The green speed can be accelerated or decelerated on the putting surface, and the manual or automatic adjustment of the ball-roll distance is available. This way, practicing with the putting hole cup helps you advance your skills faster than any other practice modes.


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You will also be pleased with the interesting field practice mode. In the field practice mode, you can experience tee shots, approaches and putting in real-world settings and terrain conditions to bring more enjoyment back to golf practice. Select different types of clubs (wood, iron, wedge, putter and util) to gain more various practice experience in this mode. The near pin mode and test mode are also ready to meet your needs. The field practice mode offers you accurate visual data of each shot, a mini map to show the current location of the hole, and a target spot with how far the ball is supposed to go. The direction of the ball can be manually changed if you press the right/left bottom buttons.


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Challenge mode – Approach shot

If you prefer something more challenging, the challenge mode is the best choice for you. The challenge mode supports golfers who are from basic level to high level with a pitch shot, tee shot and chip shot. For example, if you are a on online registered member of GOLFZON ACADEMY, your swing records from challenge mode are tracked and saved, and you can compare your rankings with other players. So, you want to practice golf and win agaist others?

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Challenge mode – Chip shot

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Challenge mode – Tee shot

 Are you surprised with all these new insights into the game? Start your golf practices with our golf simulator GDR today and enjoy golf even more.