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GOLFZON VISION home golf simulator enables you a technical and a professional level of golf practice. The PGA of America’s golf professional, Brett Gorney, has personally tested GOLFZON VISION’s software and describes some of its standout features.


Swing Replay – Real-Time Swing Monitoring

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As you swing on the GOLFZON VISION’s proprietary swing plate, the side and rear cameras capture your swing motion and immediately replays the video on the screen. Now you can readily check for any problems in your swings and make improvements. With this feature, you can eliminate the hassle of installing your own camera equipment in order to capture your swings.


 VISION’s Advanced Technology

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GOLFZON VISION delivers true-to-life reproductions of world famous golf courses. You can also adjust each course’s wind and weather conditions, and the time of day – play it your way.


GOLFZON VISION home golf simulator is designed to capture all forms of technical shots, such as rough, bunker and slope shots. Of course, you can verify your swing data on the system screen after each shot. You can also confirm your scorecard, after each round of play, on our smartphone app.


 Tournament and Game Modes

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GOLFZON VISION indoor golf simulator is the optimal golf practice equipment for your indoor practices. You can also have fun by participating in the “GOLFZON Live Festival online golf tournaments and be part of the 5 million golfers around the world .