As parents are busy with their work and kids are spending most of their time at school during the busy weekdays, it is difficult to have a family gathering. People are working hard but they are also seeking work-life balance. Are there any stunning places to enjoy family gathering during the weekends in South Korea? For golfers, hanging out with their families in our unprecedented world theme park for golf, GOLFZON ZOIMARU, is strongly recommended. GOLFZON ZOIMARU is first multi-cultural space in Korea where families can enjoy a new culture of golf along with a series of golf training programs, golf culture experience and entertainment facilities. Let’s dig more into the word “ZOIMARU”. The peak of the mountain is called maru in Korean. We also select the word “joy” and add it to the word “maru”, trying to say that we aim to provide golfers and their families the most joyful time in the park. We used the word ZOI which is a homophone for joy in English, and the capital Z stands for zealous, O for open and I for interesting, which means that open your mind to enjoy the interesting experience of golf with enthusiasm in our park. Therefore, the compound word “ZOIMARU” was created.


GOLFZON ZOIMARU offers kids a series of mini golf lessons for enlightenment. It costs much less than a general golf course, so that most of the parents can afford to let their kids start learning golf. Also there are water pool next to mini golf park! Backside of GOLFZON ZOIMARU is designed as a par3 hole. Parents can take their kids and enjoy snag golf.


GOLFZON ZOIMARU is the shopping paradise for moms. It is believed that most of researchers revolve around the stereotype that women have an insatiable appetite for shoes, handbags and sparkly things. Women love to shop. The shopping center located on the first floor where various clothes, shoes, handbags and coffee shops are accessible. While their husbands are playing golf, moms can shop around while looking after their kids, or enjoy a tea break with their kids at the coffee shops, or go up to the 2nd floor to enjoy a vast number of musicals, exhibitions and events.


GOLFZON ZOIMARU is the paradise of golf for dads who love golf. GOLFZON MARKET with the Trufit club fitting solution service at ZOIMARU provides an easy way for golfers to experience the products on a practice tee by using the GOLFZON golf simulators GDR and VISION before they purchase. GOLFZON is also proud that the smart care service enables golfers of all levels to improve the understanding of their swings and performances in order to quickly bring their games to the level they desire. The pros in the market will offer golfers the best customized solutions for the club fitting to ensure golfers successfully find their golf club soul-mate. In addition, nothing is better than wandering around outside and enjoying the European style fountain on a breezy summer night with a glass of beer and a piece of Korean fried chicken. What a joyful place to spend a great family time and enjoy the fun of golf!


If you ever heard about the Korean culture that people like to enjoy fried chicken with beer on a breezy summer night at Hangang Park, you might agree that it’s also a wonderful alternative to bring the lovely handmade lunch box and enjoy a nice family picnic, or play sports with families at the grassplot public square at ZOIMARU.


<Source: SBS>