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GOLFZON ZOIMARU is an unprecedented world theme park which merges golf, IT and culture to create a sense of harmony and relaxation. GOLFZON ZOIMARU includes a fitness center, golf driving range, GOLFZON Academy, GOLFZON Market and an Art center etc. Among the various services, a smart care service which is created by GOLFZON’s advance IT technologies casts a spotlight on a new concept: a combination of a golf smart care and fitness. Smart care is applied in fitness center and at GOLFZON ACADEMY at ZOIMARU.

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Located in the basement of GOLFZON ZOIMARU, the Wellness Center is a fitness center where premium personal training care services are provided with the utility of advanced IT technologies. In the Wellness Center, customized aerobic exercise programs, weight-training programs and specialized trainings are available.

golfzon smart care


To ease the entry barriers to effective fitness, beginners are suggested to take the personal fitness tests before official training. Taking into account body type, strength and measurements of other parts of the body will help you set more realistic goals, thereby boosting your chances of success.


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All fitness equipment in the center is connected. Updates from your fitness tests, training information and body status are synchronized on the equipment via the smart care service, hence your personal information can be accessed anytime and from anywhere at the center, and personal trainers can monitor your information, diagnose your body’s problems and analyze your exercise intensities etc. to make the customized training programs for you.


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A daily workout schedule, exercise guidelines, workout instructions and other categories are updated on a 10-inch touch screen for you to clearly know your status better.


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You can also check your personal exercise information, health grades, and diet calories etc. through the GOLFZON smart care application on your mobile phone.

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Smart care is also used at GOLFZON ELITE ACADEMY located at the 4th floor of ZOIMARU, where customized golf lessons are delivered by our experienced pro-golfers using GDR. The training data of members are synchronized between GOLFZON ACADEMY and the Wellness Center.


indoor golf simulator GDR

This ongoing information enables the pro-golfers to analyze the weaknesses and advantages of the member’s body status via the accurate and scientific data that is systemized by smart care. A weakness such as a lack of muscular strength can be strengthened and a strong body part can be developed as a competitive advantage in golf through specific focused fitness and exercise. With the guidance of the smart care installed in the fitness equipment, it enables golfers of all levels to improve the understanding of their swings and performances in order to quickly bring their games to the level they desire.


GOLFZON is proud that GOLFZON ZOIMARU has become the first multi-cultural space in Korea where golf and IT are perfectly matched and developed. At ZOIMARU, golf, culture experience, delicacies and shopping are available for visitors, and most importantly, smart golf care and fitness services represent the advanced golf technologies of GOLFZON.