GOLFZON Market TrufitAfter reading our previous posts, you may have a more clear idea about GOLFZON MARKET. It has stores all around South Korea, and serves premium Trufit Fitting at the three stores in Bundang, Daegu and Busan, respectively. The Trufit Fitting is a more customized service which helps golfers select their clubs through a process of professional body measurements, interviews and experience of swing practices. Let’s dig a little deeper into the Trufit fitting today.

Trufit is the compound word of “true” and “fitting”, which means trustful fitting solutions are provided to golfers. When talking about golf club fitting, many golfers may have general misconceptions about it.

Golf Club Fittings

Club fitting is expensive

Many golfers may consider golf club fitting a very expensive service. However, there is no price difference between buying a club at a store and assembling a new and customized club at GOLFZON MARKET. Of course if you select a more expensive shaft for fitting, the club will be more expensive than its market price

Golf Club Fittings

Only expensive clubs are available for fitting

In the past, club fitting was considered to favor the luxury brands. However, as time went by, the process of fitting has stepped down into the mass golf market and is no longer the priority of the rich.

GDR Golf swing anylysis

Pros need club fitting more

Club fitting can be applied to all skill leveled golfers. For the pros, it helps them identify their swing flaws. As for beginners, a customized club fitting solution provides professional guides according to the results of their body measurements, so that they can start with the correct posture when practicing their swing.
When you go to the GOLFZON MARKET Trufit store, you should understand the process of the Trufit club fitting service. The fitting is only available with a reservation. The whole process usually requires approximately one hour. First a basic interview on your golf experience and level, then your physical data points such as weight, arm length and grip strength are shown in data through a body measurement – statistic fitting. You are also asked to do a dynamic fitting, which is the accurate data of a swing by using GDR. The pro synthesizes all your data and information; and selects each proper part of the club: grip, shaft and head for you. It takes roughly one to three weeks for the process of ordering, assembling and the final delivery. But there is a saying that “anything worth having is worth the wait”. We believe you will agree on this too.
Nothing is better than successfully finding the right club which fits your body and your swing style best to help improve your swing skills. Especially the club fitting service offers the most customized clubs for some female golfers who are tall or have short arms and swing toward the right or left more than other golfers, which helps improve the accuracy and stability of their swing.