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Some of you might be familiar with GLF. GLF is short for GOLFZON Live Festival, an online service where golfers can participate in competition events no matter where they are, which helps to develop a truly global community for golfers. In South Korea, the growing culture of virtual golf is seeping into every corner of the life of Korean golfers. They participate in GLF and compete against their friends, coworkers, and other players to enjoy golf. The competitions at GLF differ in topics from general, gatherings, stores, sponsors, and players from difference places can select which one to they wish to compete in too. Event features such as Hole-in-one, Longest-drive, and Shoot-the-balloon provide additional fun for all users, whether a beginner or a golfer with a low-handicap. The GOLFZON’s golf simulators are well equipped for the competitions events where players can participate in the CC that they prefer.

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As a golfer, both professional and pretty golf apparel can freshen up your mind. The good news is that with the sponsors of Lotte card and apparel brand Jack Nicklaus, GLF schedules irregular events where prize money or attractive gifts are provided. During members’ birthdays or company events, members will be invited to form special groups to match with the theme. For example, one of our members was born in 1977 and wanted to organize a golf competition. He created a competition event post and invited members who were also born in 1977 but were living in other areas or countries to join the online competition.

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GOLFZON services many outdoor golf ranges throughout the world. There are numerous golf simulators VISION installed at ranges in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, USA and Vietnam. The online golf competitions are posted to GOLFZON’s homepage and held in these counties. In particular, in Canada, GLF has already become a hot trendy golf themed online golf competition event for birthdays or gatherings. Members can select the courses from the online systems, compete against other players, and check out their rankings.

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We are working hard to expand our business areas of indoor golf centers and lounges. This way, you don’t need to look for outdoor golf ranges but can enjoy our online golf competition events with players around you. Or maybe you can drop by our GLF and have fun with GOLFZON’s virtual golf when you and your friends travel to Korea? Visit GOLFZON’s English homepage, and our Korean official website for more information.