The most popular screen golf system, for indoor range or at home, is the one that offers the most fun, ease of use and efficiency to your practice. GOLFZON introduced its VISION and GDR golf simulators at the PGA Golf Show in New Orleans this past January to much fanfare. Let’s compare the product features from the world leader in golf practice equipment, GOLFZON.


Three golf simulator models from GOLFZON

GOLFZON, the world’s leading screen golf manufacturer, produces three golf simulator models – VISION, REAL, and GDR (GOLFZON Driving Range).


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These models are divided into two types of simulators; GOLFZON VISION and REAL models are engineered for field play, whereas, the GDR simulator is specifically designed for swing practices.

GOLFZON VISION & REAL for Field Practice

With GOLFZON VISION and REAL simulators, you can enjoy a round of golf in the comforts of your home. Play over 170 of the world’s leading golf courses, displayed in stunning aerial-captured detail, and with an optional hitting platform for accommodating both left and right handed players, everyone can join in the fun.


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GOLFZON VISION sensors are ceiling mounted, allowing for an unobstructed measurement of the pitch data at any position on the hitting platform. In addition, the tilting platform can challenge your technical shots by automatically adjusting to the changing slope conditions of the course. Separate bunker and rough hitting surfaces are also provided on the side portion of the platform area.


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GOLFZON REAL is a simplified, previous version of the VISION system. It utilizes side mounted infra-red sensors, but the same VISION courses are available for play.


GOLFZON GDR for Swing Practice


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GOLFZON Driving Range, aka GDR, is a golf simulator optimized for swing practice. Its sensors can capture all of the pitch related data instantly as you swing. Featuring dual high-resolution cameras, GOLFZON’s GDR sensors accurately measure ball data such as speed, angle, direction, and back/side spin rates. Even the LPGA has recognized GOLFZON’s technical achievements by signing a formal partnership and introducing opportunities for player support and global golf industry contribution.


The Best Indoor Golf Training Equipment for Golfers

Within these three products from GOLFZON, you’ll find the perfect simulator for practicing golf indoors or at home. An accurate and comprehensive data capture, stunning courses with incredible visual and audio effects, plus additional entertainment factors, the GDR challenges you through a variety of fun practice modules. find the right golf training.

You through a varietyun practice modules.  Field or swing practice, find the right golf training equipment for you.