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What do you think of when you strike the ball but fail to know where exactly you hit, and had no idea whether your swing was accurate? You may find yourself reaching a bottleneck. However, you will be happy to hear that a recent hit swing analyzer SwingTalk which was developed by GOLFZON has become a sincere friend who will help you continuously break through your golfing limits. The main stunning functions of SwingTalk are swing analysis, my statistics and swing test.

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The first impression of SwingTalk is that it is neat and little. It weighs only 0.3oz and is no extra burden to a club. Unlike other swing analyzers which are attached to the shaft or the glove, GOLFZON designed SwingTalk as a convenient device to insert into the butt of your grip. SwingTalk supports both iOS & android devices. It is outstanding with its in-depth data, accurate analysis and diversified information. SwingTalk keeps track of data points and shows your swing in a 3D model which is tunable. You can not only check your swing but also compare it with a pro’s from multiple angles. The blue slider bar at the bottom allows you to replay your swing and read the main swing points such as address, backswing and impact.

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SwingTalk tracks more data from your swing than you can imagine. After each swing, the SwingTalk sensor measures the movement of your swing, grip speed, tempo, club face and shaft angle. Its instant voice feedback function tells your tempo and club speed to keep your swing practice running smoothly without any interruptions. All data from your swings are synced up and ready, showing you which part of your swing you need to improve.

The voice feedback of club speed and tempo also enables beginners to excel at basic swing skills. If you find it difficult to read every detail data, it’s still amazing that from just looking at the 3D model of your swing. You can watch your swing from different views, check weak points and correct by yourself.

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As you can see, your swing data is synced up and if you click on the swing motion bottom, your swing motion and data (angle, direction etc.) are all shown graphically on the screen in the analysis function, so that you can compare your swing with a pro’s swing and identify any problems and make corrections. In addition, you can access all the information about your swing by clicking on the “Detail” in the lower right corner of the screen.

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A part from the basic information, detail information like: shaft lean, angle and face to address etc. are clearly presented in the analysis function.

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It is also great to switch it up and read the key data points from putting such as face angle, tempo, and the path of putter head. If you strike a straight shot, the path of your swing looks straight, and it is considered a good putt. Also, tempo function will help you keep a one to one ratio of your backswing and follow through, which in end help stabilize your putting stroke. Additionally, we strongly recommend you follow the YouTube videos on how to stop a slice and adjust your club speed. Click for more information.