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Are you or someone you know a big golfer? As you probably know, the winter months are not the best time of the year to maintain your golf game if you live in an area where there’s a four-season climate. The chances to go out on the course or the driving range from now until early March may be few and far between. And, unfortunately, a golf swing is not something that will remain in top form after a long recess. It requires constant practice and assessment. So how can you get the proper practice in the wintertime to maintain all year round?


Have You Considered a Personal Indoor Golf Simulator?


You might have seen indoor golf simulators before. Maybe you have seen one at your local golf club or a recreational center. Luckily, though, indoor golf simulators are increasingly becoming more affordable for individual golfers and their friends and family. If you are still looking for a holiday present for the golfer in your life or a gift for yourself that will be useful all year round, the Golfzon indoor golf simulator may be the perfect gift. Here are some of the features that make Golfzon stand out among other indoor golf simulators out there:


3D Graphics Capturing More than 100 Real-life Famous Golf Courses: One of the coolest features of the Golfzon indoor golf simulator is its graphics technology. Whether you’ve always wanted to play St. Andrews at The Open or play the Back Nine at Pebble Beach, Golfzon will bring these and many more famous golf courses to your home. You’ll be amazed by the life-like details you’ll experience as you hone your game.


Sensor Technology to Measure Club and Ball Movement from Your Swing: The Golfzon indoor golf simulator has one of the most accurate sensors on the market today to visually project natural ball trajectory. The sensor measures up to a 437 yd. shot, and it can read all 9 ball flights and any unmarked balls. It also features a mat set so you can practice fairway shots, bunker shots, and even shots from the rough. The Golfzon indoor golf simulator includes an 8-way directional control swing plate and both-handed swing platform.


It Supports Other Media: Golfzon is not just an indoor golf simulator. You can use it as a projector to watch television or your family’s favorite movies. You can even play Xbox or PS4 on it, making it fun for the non-golf fans in your home as well.


If you are still thinking about holiday gifts, the Golfzon indoor golf simulator is a top choice if you or someone you know loves to play golf. Contact us today to learn more about our personal home golf simulator.