Entering into a sole distributorship for Mainland China with Byron Asset Management Limited will actively target Mainland China market and accelerate global golf simulator market share expansion


Mr. Chen Sze Long, Executive Director of Byron Asset Management Limited, Mr. Jang Sung Won, CEO of GOLFZON and Lee Min Seop, Director of Global Business Division of GOLFZON have attended the contract signing ceremony.

GOLFZON (CEO: Jang Sung Won) produced a tangible outcome from its efforts to enter into Mainland China market with golf simulator.

On October 15, GOLFZON entered into a sole distributorship contract for its golf simulator with Byron Asset Management Limited, a company with principal business in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province of The People’s Republic of China.

In accordance with the contract, GOLFZON will supply at least 200 golf simulators to Byron Asset Management Limited over the next two years from 2015 to 2017 and Byron Asset Management Limited will act as a sole distributor of golf simulators in Guangdong, China.

“With state-of-arts products and professional supports from GOLFZON, I am convinced that the golf simulators will become more popular in China market and most of golf lovers can enjoy playing golf anytime and anywhere” said Chen Sze Long. “It is a win-win cooperation by developing a brand new golfing experience to the golf lovers.”

“I look forward for the synergy to be produced between Byron Asset Management Limited’s business capacity and GOLFZON’s technological expertise,” said GOLFZON CEO Jang Sung Won at the signing ceremony. “This contract holds great significance as it enables GOLFZON to secure a bridgehead for entry to the China market in earnest.”

The companies will proceed with the supply and sale of golf simulators following a discussion on the detailed operating plans.

The founding member of Byron Asset Management Limited is closely related to Chen Family who is the controlling shareholder of Agile Property Holdings Limited (a main board listed company on Hong Kong Stock Exchange under stock code 3383). With Byron Asset Management Limited, GOLFZON anticipates the expansion of its golf simulator supply business to China.