The LPGA T&CP Level 2 seminar was held at the GOLFZON ZOIMARU on October 17th, 2016. The LPGA T&CP training courses are divided into three stages (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3). Only upon completing all three levels, can one become a Class A member. Usually, these training courses and tests are held in the U.S. but this years Level 2 courses were conducted in South Korea.


1.Start of the LPGA T&CP Level 2 seminar

2. T&CP Level 2

3. T&CP seminar

12 professionals with Level 1 credentials participated in the Level 2 seminar, consisting of both theoretical and practical courses. The seminar started every morning at 9am inside the Hall of Champions on the 1st floor of the GOLFZON ZOIMARU for the duration of the week. The Level 2 seminar was led by the LPGA T&CP National President Deb Vangellow and Jane Frost, the top teaching pro from the New England region of the U.S. Prior to the start of the seminar, an overview of how Level 1 courses apply to golfers, brief telling of fun stories, and the expectations of Level 2 courses were shared with the attendees. The morning sessions were lead and taught by Deb Vangellow.


2. Practical lessons on the GDR

4. GDR golf simulator

5. GDR golf simulator lesson

After the morning theoretical session, members of the LPGA T&CP got a chance to try out the GDR golf practice simulator. The students were most impressed by how easily the class lessons and datasets were handled by the GDR. With a variety of lessons ranging from average distance per club, tee/approach/putting practice, distance practice, game modes to a full round play mode, the students showed strong interest in the GDR. The auto-tilting Swing Plate was especially a big hit with the students because it enabled them to practice various slope shots.


3. Practical lessons on the VISION

6. T&CP Seminar 2

7. LPGA golf simulator

Following the afternoon theoretical session, Jane Frost led practical lessons on the GOLFZON VISION system with her students. Through the teaching features of the VISION simulator, the students were able to diagnose and correct their swings, and spend some time sharing tips with each other as well. It was definitely a session filled with a variety of game situations for the students to experience as they played the courses.


Just like the latest seminar with GOLFZON, we hope to see all of the LPGA T&CP members again for the upcoming Level 3 seminar!