GOLFZON, the market leader of golf simulator company presents the most advanced golf simulator technology of Korea at WGHF.


GOLFZON, the market leader in golf simulator, showcased its full line of advanced golf simulators at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show held in Orlando, Florida. This show ran from January 21 to 23 at the Orange County Convention Center.
The GOLFZON simulators allows players of all level to easily enjoy indoor golf anywhere and anytime. The simulator provides realistic rounds of golf from tee-shot to hole-out, thanks to the advanced graphics engine, and is able to reproduce actual golf courses in life-like detail. GOLFZON has been producing golf simulators since 2000 in Korea and now commands the biggest market share in the global golf simulator market.

GOLFZON Conference Room at PGA Show 2015

There were two GOLFZON golf simulator booths for demonstration, and a reception booth for business orientation. At the reception booth, the business information sessions were held to provide investors with better insights and understandings of the GOLFZON products and the business opportunities.

The company executives held daily corporate presentations throughtout the show. GOLFZON also has a dedicated ETC hitting bay to showcase our new golf training solution, GDR (GOLFZON Driving Range), where its key features and the superior technologies were presented. GDR is a golf simulator specifically designed for golf lessons and practice sessions, and features high-precision sensors, easy-to-use UI and mobile app integration.

GOLFZON driving range at PGA Show 2015

“With more than 25 million golfers, the U.S. is one of the largest and most important golf markets in the world,” said Tommy Lim, CMO of GOLFZON, “this is a great opportunity for GOLFZON to showcase its range of products and cutting-edge technologies and gain a competitive advantage in the golf marketplace.”
Many golfers and people who work in the golf industry expressed great interests in the GOLFZON products at the show. GOLFZON’s participation at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show has opened up new opportunities to enter the  U.S market and introduce our advanced golf simulators to U.S golfers.