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Previously, we shared information about GOLFZON ZOIMARU and GOLFZON One Mount, and today we would like to introduce something new – GOLFZON ACADEMY. What exactly does that mean? Is it a golf driving range where golfers can practice golf? Well, that is partly correct. Unlike the traditional outdoor driving range, GOLFZON Academy is an indoor virtual golf driving range where GOLFZON golf simulator GDR is installed to provide golfers’ an unprecedented golf experience. The number of GOLFZON ACADEMY in Seoul, South Korea has reached twelve so far, and is constantly increasing at a rapid speed. Apart from the ACADEMY, GOLFZON is also devoted to increasing the awareness of its brands: GOLFZON PARK, GOLFZON COUNTY and GOLFZON MARKET.


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In the past, golfers couldn’t see where exactly they hit the ball and had no idea whether their swing was accurate. This is why many golfers easily get bored with golf practice. However, golf practice can be fun. At GOLFZON ACADEMY, the golf simulator sensors will capture your ball flight while cameras will capture your swing for you to check, which offers you a more realistic and fun golfing experience. No matter what your level of experience or area of need, you are able to access customized golf lessons by our experienced pro-golfers. The lessons at GOLFZON ACADEMY include basic swing programs, short game and course management programs, which satisfy your different golfing needs. Aren’t you excited to meet your resident golf profession and try your hand at one of the world’s most popular sports? Join the golfers who practice golf at the driving range, and enjoy the fun golf games with the guidance of pro-golfers’ suggestions. It’s true that golf practice really can be fun!

my swing motion

While you are practicing with the golf simulator GDR at GOLFZON ACADEMY, your swings are captured by the cameras, which are analyzed with the My Swing Motion function. The accurate and systematic data will be showed on the screen, which helps compare your swings with both your previous ones and those of pro-golfers to identify your swing problems and make any necessary corrections. Another amazing part of the GOLFZON ACADEMY is that the smartphone application GOLFZON ACADEMY successfully lets you access more customized golf practice information – your personal swing practice data – and share your golfing experience with others on the GOLFZON website. In the application, your personal swing data etc. are shown in graphs and charts after the simulator systems diagnose your swing problems and it is suggested to write memos, compare currents results with the previous one, and make corrections after the lesson on a daily basis to advance your golf skills. Personal swing records and data can be accessed in every GOLFZON ACADEMY too. Tips on golf practice are also frequently sent to help you step into the future of becoming a more professional golfer. For those who are busy at work, reservations at GOLFZON ACADEMY through the application are available.
We exert ourselves to provide golfers a new golf culture experience and expand our businesses to the world. We highly recommend beginners to take our systematical golf lessons through GOLFZON GDR which is developed via advanced IT technologies to ease any barriers to start playing golf..