GOLFZON, guided by its business philosophy where ‘everyone is able to enjoy golf’, is the leading golf simulator company that offers golf fans a new way to experience their favorite game. GOLFZON has been producing golf simulators since 2000 and now holds the biggest market share in the global golf simulator industry. GOLFZON simulator offers high quality graphics and player analysis to improve all aspects of their golfing skills. Perhaps the best futures of GOLFZON golf simulators is that it offers golfers the most immersive indoor golfing experience no matter the weather condition, time or place. golf simulator indoor golf golf simulators


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GOLFZON was established in the Daejeon Business Incubation Center in November 2000, where the idea of making a ‘link between IT and Golf’ was hatched. Early on, GOLFZON did not differ much from other golf simulator companies, but soon it started achieving technological edge in its products, in particular, the highly regarded swing plate models. In 2006, GOLFZON worked hard to combine IT with golf culture and launched ‘GOLFZON Live’ service. GOLFZON also held monthly online golf meetings with club gofers in the 30 to 40 age bracket to effectively engage its brand with the golfing community.

Back in 1990, countries overseas began applying simulation technology to the game of golf. Meanwhile, in South Korea, professional golfer Se-Ri Park first introduced the golf simulator concept to the Korean public after winning the 1990 LPGA Tour. Combined with the fast paced IT development in South Korea, golf simulator R&D also witnessed a hi-tech revolution. And since 2000, this tremendous growth in golf simulator technology have allowed people to have easier access to indoor golf and are now enjoying golf more than ever.

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GOLFZON has heavily invested in the development of technology based on the golfer’s needs, and have successfully applied the advanced technologies to its products allowing golfers to further enjoy the game of golf.

The first software utilized 3D graphic engine to make the hole cup look larger to enable beginners to score more easily. Real 360-degree course photos converted to virtual courses, using 3D Studio Max program, provided golfers with a more realistic golfing enjoyment. GOLFZON earned the adoration of golfers with quality products and affordability, golf network service and swing plate models offering a new way to experience the joy of golf.


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On October 9, 2014, GOLFZON became the LPGA’s newest Official Marketing Partner and will now feature GOLFZON golf simulators at LPGA tournaments. This event is a significant milestone for GOLFZON’s proud history of innovation and contribution to golf.

GOLFZON continually strives to offer a new level of unforgettable golfing experience, by combining golf with IT, and enriching people’s lives with our vision for a new golf culture.