Golf simulator manufacturer, GOLFZON’s warm winter


Company’s efforts in spreading the message of sharing, by participating in a variety social awareness activities, can achieve a brand awareness of a growing business with community recognition. GOLFZON also experienced a warm winter through its various social awareness activities. Interestingly, GOLFZON’s activities were far more lively and fun than anyone expected.


  1. Golf simulator donations to rural schools

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Golf is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone, but there is still a high barrier for students in disadvantaged areas. GOLFZON believes that all children should experience the joy of learning golf, as part of their physical education, so we are donating golf simulators to schools in these rural areas. Going beyond donations, we are committed to providing facility management and golf education so that the children can develop their own passion for golf and experience the enjoyment of GOLFZON’s play different culture.


  1. The opening of GOLFZON Joymaru Civic Festival!

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GOLFZON Joymaru is “world’s first theme park” dedicated to cultural festivities and a variety of programs for its visitors to enjoy. Anyone can watch golf tournaments on golf simulators, especially tournaments featuring teams made up of people with disabilities and professional golfers, where you’ll witness the spirit of competition and team unity.

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In addition, family mini-golf tournaments, children drawing contests, and music festivals are also featured so that everyone can enjoy the festivities.


  1. Briquette and rice carrying activities for warm winter wishes

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Last December, GOLFZON employees, with strength and courage gained from golf, helped to deliver coal briquettes and rice to single elderly homes through narrow streets and steep ramps. This day also featured LPGA player Ryu So-Yeon and a number of screen golf tournament players to lend their warm hearts. They helped to fix areas of homes needing immediate repairs and shared in warm, sincere conversations with elders who are often on their own. In addition, GOLFZON is energizing new vigor into everyone’s lives through

Other social awareness activities like tournaments for people with disabilities, golf classrooms led by knowledgeable employees, and mixed junior/senior golf.

other other social awareness activities like tournaments for persons with