golfzon zoimaru

GOLFZON ZOIMARU is an unprecedented world theme park for golf. It is a charming mix of golf, IT and culture and creates a sense of harmony and relaxation. GOLFZON attempts to show that GOLFZON ZOIMARU as the only place where families can enjoy a ‘New Culture’ of golf along with a series of golf training programs, golf culture experience and entertainment facilities. Golfers can improve their golf skills through professional training with the help of GOLFZON cutting-edge facilities while enjoying shopping and delicacies in the park.

champion's hall

On June 14, 2015, the WGTOUR 2015-2016 season opened at GOLFZON ZOIMARU, Daejeon. The professional WGTOUR golfer Jeong Eun Lee dominated the #1 spot at the first tournament of the 2015 KT Kumho Rental Car WGTOUR summer season. She was followed by Son-ho Lee and Mi Yeong Oh sharing 2nd place. The WGTOUR is Korea’s female golf simulator tournament and includes the summer/winter seasons and the championship tournaments. GTOUR, on the other hand, is the Korean male golf simulator tournament and has the same program schedule as the female tournament. Both tours were officially launched at a press conference where it stole the spotlight on March 27, 2012. Summer and winter seasons contain 4 tournaments each and the championship is held at year-end, featuring all winners from those tournaments.

On June 7, 2015, the first tournament of the 2015-2016 Samsung mPOP GTOUR summer season was held on the first floor of the G-Stadium of GOLFZON ZOIMARU. The winner was Jun-Bo Shim  receiving 12 million Won in prize awards. “I had never thought I could enter the final round nor even win at GTOUR as my goal was to just pass the preliminary round. With this opportunity, I will work much harder”, said Jun-Bo Shim.

golfzon zoimaru facility

GOLFZON ZOIMARU covers fitness center, indoor golf driving ranges, par 3 practice space, GOLFZON Elite Academy, GOLFZON market , art center and much more.


golfzon market

In addition to the professional golf training facilities, there is also a variety of entertainment areas including a sauna and membership lounges where people can relax after their golf exercise. GOLFZON always regards ‘caring for golfers’ as one of the most important missions dedicated to bringing a new golf culture to golfers all over the world.