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The world’s premier event for golfers, ‘the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show’, was held in Orlando, Florida. Many of the new trends in golf were on display, but the one key trend was definitely “smart”. From clubs, balls, exercise equipment to indoor golf simulators, state-of-the-art smart products from around the world were introduced at this year’s show. GOLFZON showcased its best golf simulators, to great fanfare from golfers, at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show.


  1. The best golf simulators were at the GOLFZON booth

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Golfers crowded the display screens of certain golf simulators to witness something very special – GOLFZON’s VISION and GDR simulators. Even though other technically superior golf simulators were present at the show, only GOLFZON simulators received high praise from show golfers for its superior visuals and advanced practice modules.


  1. Indoor golf practice equipment – GDR

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GDR is a systematic practice simulator, for both amateurs and professionals, that’s designed to be easily installed in any indoor settings. A variety of driving range inspired golf swings can be practiced and images of your swings can be instantly compared with those of professionals. In addition, your swing data can be used to obtain personalized club fitting metrics. Befitting its reputation as the best golf simulator, GDR is also the official golf simulator of the LPGA.

  1. Enjoyment of indoor golf – GOLFZON VISION

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Are there screen golf courses with an immersive vividness never seen before? GOLFZON VISION replicates each golf course exactly as it appears through the lens of a satellite. In addition, VISION sensors precisely measure the direction and distance of the ball and instantly records your swings. Swing Plate takes realism and enjoyment to another level by realistically representing course slopes.

GOLFZON is making a mark on the world golf scene with only its second appearance at the PGA Merchandise Show. It has received global recognition for its technology and has managed to set the standard for golf simulators. Expect to see more of GOLFZON at upcoming.