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Are you still dwelling on the past articles from our blog session? Today, we mark our first steps towards a new chapter – GOLFZON MARKET. GOLFZON MARKET is a one-stop golf store with perfect sets of clubs, apparel and more to go with your golf game in a way that you might never have seen before.


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We found that testing and fitting are essential for golfers to experience the advanced performance of golf equipment. Therefore, GOLFZON MARKET provides an easy way for golfers to experience the products on a practice tee by using the GOLFZON golf simulators GDR and VISION before they purchase. GOLFZON MARKET’s actual stores are growing to 29 stores in South Korea. As GOLFZON MARKET is operated by GOLFZON directly, GOLFZON MARKET sets their prices lower than the current market prices to provide more competitive products. With competitive prices, quality products, premium services and a one-price policy across all national stores, GOLFZON MARKET has become the superior retail and online store for golf wear and equipment.


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You will be surprised to see that GOLFZON MARKET embraces three main competitive advantages. There are indoor golf ranges where the golf simulators are installed at the store. Generally 30 min to 1 hour-trial of golf clubs are available there. In the golfers’ perspectives, nothing is more important than successfully selecting the proper clubs. Sticking to the philosophy that it is essential to experience the product before purchasing, GOLFZON MARKET goes into great detail to provide face to face interviews, basic body measurements, and golfers’ swing analysis in the golf simulators, golf ball analysis and useful suggestions. If you are new to the store, pro golfers start with interviews on your golfing information. Then the measurement of the height and size of your grip etc. will be processed to prepare for the next two stages – swing analysis and ball analysis with the golf simulators. Our pro golfers suggest the proper clubs for you based on the golf simulators’ accurate analysis results of your swing. No matter whether you are looking for irons, woods, putters, drivers, men’s golf clubs or women’s golf clubs, the trail and fitting process will make sure you get the right club.


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You will also find the second positive part of GOLFZON MARKET, which is the most customized fitting center “Trufit”. Trufit is the compound word of “trust” and “fitting”. At Trufit, trustful and fitting solutions are provided to golfers. After measuring your body and applying our golf simulators’ accurate swing analysis, our pro will analyze the results and suggest the customized grip, shaft and club head to assemble a new and customized club for you as an individual golfer. This way, an extremely high opportunity of successfully finding your soul mate – a perfect golf club that only belongs to you – has arrived.

Lastly, a member ship card, which can be used at all GOLFZON MAKRET, COUNTY, ACADEMY and ZOIMARU, will definitely please you no matter where do you practice golf. Once you become a member of GOLFZON, information for various promotions and events are sent to you to beat the summer heat. This interactive marketing strategy successfully reinforced customer satisfaction at GOLFZON.
As summer heat gets intense, it is great to visit GOLFZON MARKET and experience the refreshed fitting services and find yourself club soul mate in a golf club. If you prefer staying at home, shopping online and enjoying our surf golf wear and equipment, this is also a wonderful alternative.