The Open

As the opening of THE OPEN Championship draws near, golf lovers cannot wait to celebrate this big day with their friends and families. While worldwide golf lovers are immersed in the atmosphere of THE OPEN, in South Korea, the GOLFZON Golf Road Expedition is also expecting THE OPEN and ready to tackle the competition.
THE OPEN was first held at Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland “The Birth of Golf” in 1860 which is the oldest of the four major championships in professional golf (Masters, US open, and PGA Championship).
Traditionally, THE OPEN was always played at the links course featuring windy beaches with uneven greens, and offered the galleries to enjoy the exciting games in a fun way.
The OPEN held in 1870 and won by Young Tom Morris for a third time in a row, was the last tournament to award the original trophy, the Challenge Belt.  The OPEN was re-held in 1873 with the new trophy, Claret Jug, which became one of the most iconic trophies in all of sports.

Golf Road Expedition

July 17, 2013, GOLFZON Golf Road Expedition departed for the world’s unprecedented golf trip experience at THE OPEN 2013 (British open).
With the support of GOLFZON, GOLFZON Golf Road Expedition program called the “Golf Road” was created to provide experience of fun golf and make them fall in love with GOLFZON and its peculiar brand enchantment by participating in golf trips, golf talks, golf clubs and competitions. Since then, the GOLFZON Golf Road Expedition has set off for their road to golf and THE OPEN 2013 was one of the most important journeys for “Golf Road”.


The first day of the 142nd The OPEN, held on 18-21 July at Muirfield Golf Links in East Lothian, Scotland, was finally opened to public with prizes totaling of £5,250,000 and £945,000 for first place.

golf simulator at The Open

Meanwhile, at the Doosan (Official Open Championship partner) PR zone, GOLFZON’s golf simulator Vision was installed to let people experience Vision for free. All simulators were set in English and all clubs were well prepared, in particular for kids who enjoyed the fantastic experience with their families. THE OPEN 2015 will return to St. Andrews and the GOLFZON simulator will also show up in Doosan and HSBC PR zone at THE OPEN 2015 to share fun golf moments with golfers.


The Open Championship Score board

Enjoying a cool summer breeze and sharing golf fun with other golf lovers from all over the world, GOLFZON Golf Road Expedition completed the golf trip at Muirfield Golf Links. It was one the best experience not only to Golf Road Expedition but GOLFZON as well.
THE OPEN 2015, from 12-19 July 2015 in St. Andrews, is right around the corner. No matter how many years have passed since the OPEN first held, THE OPEN is always home to golf lovers, golf road to GOLFZON Golf Road Expedition, and also one of the best memories for GOLFZON.