T&CP Playing Ability Test (PAT) was conducted at the GOLFZON operated GOLFZON COUNTY Ansung H.


For over 50 years LPGA T&CP has been developing a “teaching teachers to teach” program based on the data collected through the study of tour players and golfers. It is a systematic, scientific, and professional education program designed to teach teaching professionals on golf teaching methods and techniques.


Currently, LPGA T&CP members include golf instructors, teaching professionals, golf course managers, golf academies, golf course operators, golf coaches, golf professionals, and people from other activities in the field of golf.


Qualification levels 1 to 3, level 3 considered Class A, are gained through educational, theoretical and practical classes. The T&CP PAT level tests are usually held in the United States but starting this year the LPGA T&CP Korea will be conducting its educational programs and tests in South Korea.


In April, the T&CP PAT testing was conducted at the GOLFZON operated and managed GOLFZON COUNTY Ansung H. South Korea’s GOLFZON, with its corporate philosophy of “providing enjoyable golfing experience for everyone” has become the leading manufacturer of golf simulators and also operates and manages 5 golf courses under the GOLFZON COUNTY banner.


During the testing at the GOLFZON COUNTY Ansung H, GOLFZON’s state-of-the-art IT technology was present throughout the course. GDR systems were installed at the starter house to provide the players with warm up prior to testing. Also, the players’ scores were recorded on tablets and the end-of-round final scores were submitted at interactive kiosks.


In October, the T&CP education program is scheduled to take place at the GOLFZON ZOIMARU and is expected to provide a more systematic program through the intensive use of GOLFZON golf simulators GDR. GDR is a golf simulator for golf practice and training, even Korea National Golf Team uses for their training.


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