How GOLFZON ends 2015 in December

Virtual Golf Tournament - g battle

The end of 2015 is around the corner. Today we would like to introduce you an interesting company culture of GOLFZON, called G-battle. The G-Battle is the most popular grand scramble of GOLFZON where all employees compete against their coworkers in teams or in person for the first prize, and improve their golf swing performances. Every end of the year, they prepare for the tournaments and also awaits big prizes!

Virtual Golf Tournament - g battle (2)

The G-Battle is the golf tournament where all staff can participate in through GOLFZON online service GLF of GOLFZON golf simulator VISION. The staff can battle for victory against other members in teams, in personal, or in long games. The preliminary of the game kicked off at the basement of GOLFZON head office. A large number of people gathers up at the golf ranges in the basement at lunch time of every work day to watch G-Battle. The battle usually lasts for a month and the rest of the people on-site will cheers up for their teams.

Check out the video of the team league battle 1 at Par 4, Hole 4 of GOLFZON COUNTY. GOLFZON G-Battle should not be underestimated even though the golf players are not golf pros. Some of our staff can play better golf than some pros and even beat the pros in tournaments. In particular, 4 golfers make a team to fight for the team league battle, and hence the triumph can’t depend on anyone of the team but whole team. This way, the battle is more interesting because it’s difficult to predict who will win the G-Battle this year – there might be dark horses appearing in the tournament.

golfzon zoimaru

The final of G-Battle kicked off at the Champions Hall at GOLFZON ZOIMARU. 3 broadcasters went to the spot and broadcasted the tournament via internet for those who don’t have the opportunity to watch the G-Battle final at site. The Team Studio D won the title of the 2015 team league battle. Perhaps the R&D beat other teams because they are the one who developed the game program? However, the final individual league winner belonged to the business management department of GOLFZON COUNTY.

Virtual Golf Tournament - g battle (3)

GOLFZON’s support of golf lessons boosted its employee’s morale on golf sports business, and helped improve their golf swings to achieve a better understanding of golf business. In particular, the golf education in the basement indoor golf range is provided to the staff after their first Joining GOLFZON. Besides, it is an honor to go play a round of golf at an outdoor golf course with GOLFZON CEO after the education. We are curious what kind of interesting events and benefits your company offers. With the end of 2015 now officially coming close to us, 2016 will be here in the blink of an eye. We wish you a very Happy December and New Year with many blessings in the year to come.