A bunch of guests and golfers were gathered to celebrate the GOLFZON ZOIMARU September Tournament with LPGA female golfer So-yeon Ryu at GOLFZON ZOIMARU on September 24th, 2015.

We are pleased to have an interview with So-yeon Ryu through the event.

GOLFZON: What do you focus on the most when you practice your golf swing?
Ryu: I work hard on the short game practice. The short game practice comes first for both pros and amateurs. However, an accurate half swing practice is more important to amateurs. The rhythm should be a priority in backswing.

Interview with So Yeon Ryu (1)

GOLFZON: How do you think weight training helps you with your golf? What kind of workout routines are you living with?
Ryu: First of all, we usually have 20 to 30 competitions during a season, thus enormous physical strength is needed. The weight training is always “a must” to us to build up a physical strength. For me, there are some corrections for my swing that can’t be fixed unless the muscles of my body get firm and strong enough. For example, the muscles of my hips are quite weak, so I prefer to strengthen my hips with the weight training. Golfers consider the weight training a useful way to correct their swings in the States. I work out at least three times a week and I am working on the Total Resistance Exercise (TRX), some trunk movements, and the aerobic exercise i.e. jogging.

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GOLFZON: What is your exercise routine after you get up? Can you share some of your secrets for relieving stress?
Ryu: My regular morning workout routine starts with a stretching for 30 min. And then a long game practice, long putts, middle putts and short putts follow up. A routine usually takes about an hour. I like to look back to my past achievements in golf to cheer myself up, and conquer my anxieties before competitions.

GOLFZON: Do you have any advice on the corrections for a golf swing?
Ryu: If you want to perform a good swing, please consider to avoid getting any parts of your body injured in the first place. A successful correction for a swing takes from 1 year to 6 years top. The muscles of the certain part of your body will easily get injured when you repeat practicing the swing with them. Therefore, avoiding injuries should be prioritized.

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GOLFZON: As you travel to many countries for your trainings, it must be difficult to get used to time changes. Do you have any tips to conquer the jet lag problem for share?
Ryu: I follow the local time to arrange my timetables and training schedules.

GOLFZON: It is said that many golfers improve their swing skills using the GOLFZON simulator GDR. How do you see the GDR will lead to the dawn of a new era for the virtual golf in the world?
Ryu: I am proud of a phenomenon that golf is being popularized in South Korea. In other countries where golf is influenced easily by the weather conditions, golfers still can receive the joy of golfing form GOLFZON’s simulator GDR.

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The GOLFZON ZOIMARU tournament successfully came to an end along with So-yeon Ryu signing session.