Golf enthusiasts enjoy the smart-care experience and the convenience of GOLFZON golf simulators. You may be one of those frequent users of GOLFZON golf simulators, but have you ever wondered how GOLFZON looks like? First catch a glimpse of the GOLFZON Tower Seoul. The GOLFZON Club House in the GOLFZON Tower Seoul is always with you during your busy work time.

golfzon club house

GOLFZON Seoul office is located in Cheongdam, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea. It is very lucky that a subway rides away. After a 5 min-walk out from the exit 13 of Cheongdam station, The GOLFZON Club House is right in front of you. The GOLFZON stunning buildings consists of an office building and a R&D building with the GOLFZON Club House, where the GOLFZON staff are fighting for their dreams of making golf enjoyable for everyone. GOLFZON also knows how to maintain life-work balance. A cozy coffee shop that smells like heaven is on the left side when you enter the R&D building. Small groups of coworkers stop by there often, ordering freshly brewed coffee, chilling and relaxing during their break time. With a half-price average unit sale, the coffee shop is definitely a perfect place for the staff.

golfzon club house(2)

There is always somewhat a connection between books and coffee, coffee and books. If you’re someone who loves to read, you’ll also identify with the fact that having a cup of coffee or tea right by your side, while you snuggle up with a beautiful book, is one of your ideas of pure bliss. There is a bookstore close to the cozy coffee shop covering a wide array of books. Now go upstairs and take a look at the rooftop. The rooftop is the best haunt for the staff to hold BBQ parties.

golfzon cafeteria

There are variants of food at GOLFZON restaurant on the lower ground floor. If you are foodie and want to explore more healthy food, the GOLFZON restaurant which offers low-salt diets is your top priority. It’s fun to see an immersive experience of being in a golf simulator company when the entrance “Hole In” and the exit “Hole out” come into view. When you are having a meal, it’s like a ball hit from a tee shot finishes in the cup – hole in, and the “hole out” referring to any shot that results in the ball winding up in the hole, means you finish the meal and digest the food.

golfzon fitness center

Finish your lunch and want to chill for a while? Going to the gym – the G Fitness – or going for a round of the GLF tournament with your coworkers at the indoor golf range right next to the restaurant, equipped with the GOLFZON golf simulators is definitely a great alternative.

golfzon office

It’s getting more fun to take a tour of the washrooms. Even the washrooms are so GOLFZON! The golf terms i.e. bunkers, greens, fairways on the glass remind you of being in the world of golf. It makes your stay in the washroom no more boring.

golfzon office(2)

GOLFZON is so thoughtful that it offers you a chance of climbing stairs to help you shed the pounds. It is said that people burn more calories running up and down stairs compared to jogging, or cycling, at a moderate pace. Plus, they are not just normal staircases but they are decorated with golf knowledge of golf etiquette, glossary of golf terms and phrases.

GOLFZON is dedicated to making your every corner of visits memorable and meaningful. Enjoy your tour at GOLFZON tower Seoul.