GOLFZON golf simulators and the GLF (GOLFZON Live Festival) service enable golfers to compete with one another and provides greater enjoyment of the game for everyone. GOLFZON also uses this feature to run the annual GLT (GOLFZON Live Tournament) to offer a wider range of activities for the professional golfers.

True golf simulator experience at the GOLFZON ZOIMURU


At the end of November, golfers from seven countries, including Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and South Africa, gathered to participate in the International GLT competition. At the GOLFZON ZOIMARU, the players got to experience the GEA (GOLFZON Elite Academy), the golf training facilities and the Strikezon baseball simulator before heading off to the golf simulators to compete in the GLT.

International GLT – powered by GOLFZON GLF! Who were the winners?



First, there was a national competition in which two players from each country competed in a foursome format. The players displayed some nervousness about the new environment and facing against new opponents. Afterwards, a total of 14 players were divided into 4 teams and competed in a round of golf. The GOLFZON GLF, an online competition service, can run a single competition on four golf simulators simultaneously as if all were played on the same golf course. The leaderboard provided up-to-date scores throughout the competition, lending to plays full of tension.


In the end, the International GLT victory went to China. It was great to see the players congratulating each other for successfully completing the competition, sharing cultures and enjoying the game of golf anywhere with the GLF. Online competitions, like the GLT, can be enjoyed by anyone on the GLF. It’s simple as selecting the ‘OPEN GLF’ mode after logging in at your favorite GOLFZON golf simulator location. In fact, many amateur golfers choose to run their own end-of-year golf tournaments on the GLF – try it for yourself! (w)