While we are enjoying the cool and breezy autumn, winter is just around the corner. When it comes to winter, the words: cold, drizzle, freezing rain, sleet, and snow may come to our mind. Golf in great weather conditions always makes your day; however, bad weather conditions or environment may turn your cravings for a fun golf time with your buddies into the sinking sense of disappointment.  What are the worst weather conditions or environment golfers have ever played in?

Bad weather condition (1)

Cold, windy and rainy day
‘Cold, wind and rain’ are considered the three foul weather conditions for golfers. There are some golfers who take it as a challenge or chance for trying different shots. However, most golfers beg for the nice sunny day of course. Let’s see what happened to golfers who played in a cold, windy and even rainy day! The holes where they all hit ball into the fairway were completely buried. What was worse, the half course was cart path only on a high ridge with winds so they’ve never been so worn out in their life from slogging through those soaked fairways and mud ways. A fun buddy trip turned into a monsoon.

Bad weather condition (2)

Sudden snow burst
During the time of the first snowfall, a romantic hike can be a welcome thing to do. However, a golf swing in the snow is not that romantic. A golfer played a local course in early November, and it was supposed to be 7°C/45°F and sunny for a majority of the day. He teed off around noon but the temperature dropped to 1.6°C/35°F and there was a snow burst during his play on last few holes.

Bad weather condition (3)

Hurricanes & Gulf Stream
If you think playing golf in the cold, windy and rainy weather condition is the worst experience ever, maybe you have never pictured yourself playing golf when a sudden hurricane sweeps in. A golfer went on a trip to Ireland and the week before, two hurricanes came up the east coast of the US. The hurricanes followed the Gulf Stream and hammered western Ireland with the steady driving rain and heavy winds by the time he arrived. Not sure whether he could move forward in the hurricane.

Bad weather condition (4)

A huge fire that swept toward the course
Heat is now very welcoming also, if it is too hot!! A fire burns while playing golf? No way! But a golfer and his wife had this “no way” experience. They went to Hawaii to play golf and suddenly a huge fire swept toward their course. It was not under control and had been burning for weeks. They were out playing with masks on so as not to breathe in too much smoke when they tried to evacuate. The funny part is that the fire started in July and was finally put out in December, but they continued to play with masks on until December.

Bad weather condition (5)

Fog or thick mist
Can you picture yourself playing in fog or thick mist and have no idea where the ball goes? Couple of years ago a golfer played at Willow Valley Country Club on a March morning. The weather was clear and the course was high up but when he reached the 1st tee and the fog was so thick he couldn’t see the greens the whole round. He and his friend were the only people stupid enough to play. However, they played the best rounds ever.

Golf lovers enjoy golf in the scenic splendor of nature as golf offers them an insight into human nature and their own. It’s an adventure of a lifetime to experience a golf swing in the worst weather conditions or environment, and it’s also exciting that you hit a shot at a driving range where the wide animals are lying on the fairway and looking at you! Money can’t buy experiences. Our most cherished memories are experiences. Enjoy your golf time and always remember to take the experiences as one of the treasures in your life.