Thanksgiving Day is arriving this week. It’s time to take a break from the daily hassles at work and enjoy the parties with your families or friends. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. In UK, people do celebrate as well, but it’s called “the harvest festival’’, which is normally celebrated in September. Meals with roasted turkey or chicken are a must during Thanksgiving. However, do you know how golfers celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving Celebration (3)

We have some extraordinary Thanksgiving celebrations to show you. Latinos know how to make every celebration a bit their own, and Thanksgiving is no different. Golfers in Peru are invited to celebrate Thanksgiving at the Amazon Golf Course in Malecon Maldonado Iquitos, Peru. The Thanksgiving lunch will be roasted turkey or chicken, noodles, and other tasty food. All they need to do is spend only $15 soles (roughly 4.5 US Dollar) to enjoy a grand meal, play golf all day if they want to, participate in the competitions of volleyball and soccer, hang out and be comfortable in the hammocks playing cards in the shade, relaxing, visiting, partying, and drinking cold frosty beer or soda pop. Every golfer, regardless of nationality, is invited to join the Thanksgiving lunch at the Amazon Golf Course, so it’s definitely a perfect time for family gatherings and friend meets. Can you imagine you spend only 4.5 USD but you can enjoy the fun of golf, the other sports and a fancy lunch at a stunning golf course during Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving BBQ

The golfers in Latin America celebrate Thanksgiving in a warm and harmonious lunch party. How about Thanksgiving celebrated by golfers in UK? As we mentioned, people in UK celebrated the harvest festival in September. It’s so fun to enjoy the evening with the breeze at the 9 Hole Texas Scramble & BBQ Party. The golf was followed by one of Paul Deaney’s legendary barbecues on the patio enjoyed by everyone and the evening was rounded off by a sale of “Harvest Festival” goodies donated by the members, which raised a healthy sum for the Captains’ Charity, Diabetes UK. The event was first started in 2014 and this year will be the second time for golfers to gather and enjoy their great time of golf, food and charity business.

Roast Turkey for thanksgiving
Autumn is the best time for golfers too. We hope you get a great “harvest” on your golf score next autumn! Okay then, grab your clubs and start to prepare for next year!

Golf course in Autumn