Chip Brewer, President and CEO of Callaway golf, once uttered a single word: history, when he tried to discuss his outlook for future of golf. He said the golf game “has been around for so long, and its history is solid, and will continue to flourish”, “golf has a way of becoming part of the fabric of people’s lives”. Therefore, the substantial improvement in golf technology definitely helps golf to better engage with. Take a look back at 2015 PGA Merchandise Show and there were plenty of new and cutting-edged technologies being applied to golf equipment, accessories and apparel. Here are some new golf endeavors you can try out from now on.


As Mark Gunther, vice president of golf brand Mitsubishi Rayon said he will see substantial improvement in lightweight shafts for ordinary golfers, we found something new in warm-up clubs.

Warm-up club that isn’t weighted but it’s bent
Most golfers may think something weighted when it comes to a warm-up swing aid. However, we saw something new and different at 2015 PGA Merchandise Show: a warm-up club which is less weighted and the shaft is bent. Why is the shaft bent? The shaft is designed to be bent to mimic the shaft’s position at impact, which can help push your hands forward so that you feel like you are hitting down on the ball. We are surprised that many companies are making functionally better products than ever before.

A lightweight wearable display
The future of golf is a tale of new materials, according to Robert Lamkin, President and CEO of famous golf brand Lamkin Grips. A new heads-up display came out during the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show which offers yardage, swing speed and launch angle with voice or finger movement. It is reported that PGA TOUR winners Billy Horschel and Jordan Spieth wore this display in the tournaments last year. When you wear it, the information about the yardage, swing speed and launch angle of the ball will appear in this heads-up display in front of your eyes, thus you don’t have to look down at your smartphones or tablets when during the game.

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Remote-control push carts
The traditional push carts are no longer convenient and customized enough to satisfy golfers’ needs on the course, and thus some breakthroughs are needed. The three different companies – MGIGolf, Stewart Golf and I Go showcased their newly tricked-out and remote-control push cart models on the range during the show. It is more convenient to control your carts when you are on the range.
The new equipment launched onto the market is not only focused on something “new”, but also something more “customized”. Jason Jenne, President and CEO of True Temper Sports acclaimed that everything has become more personalized, and the custom-fitting is the future of the game. Now even the golf towers can be more customized.

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A super cool towel
Normally, a towel is only used to wipe away the sweat when you are doing sports, but you still feel hot and keep sweating. Have you ever heard of a towel that can help keep you cool on the course. This super cool towel is added with jade minerals – the materials woven into the fabric, which will be activated to take thermal energy away from your body when you use it to wipe away your sweat. What’s more, the towel also can be customized with different print style and club logos.

The global market of golf is developing very fast and we see plenty of new ideas and great products out there that are inspiring people to play. How about trying out these new and cutting-edged golf inventions to make your golf game more enjoyable?