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Mastering incredible iron shots is not very easy for causal golfers. However, before you throw down your clubs in frustration, we offer tips that will help you save your sanity and improve your iron shots.

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1. Correct ball position

Ball position matters a lot when it comes to iron play. Irons are thinner than other golf clubs such as drivers and woods, and it has a number from 1 to 11 (the numbers in most common use are from 3 to 9), corresponding to their relative loft angle within a matched set. While balls are placed on the left side between your feet when using golf drivers in order to hit the ball as far as possible, iron shots require the ball to be placed in the right middle of your feet.

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2. Correct postures

Correct posture is the first step to good iron shots. First, align your body and your feet parallel to the ball-target line. Then bend your hips at address. At the same time, you need to locate your center of gravity. When you feel comfortable in your posture, address the ball with both hands on the club and strike the ball. Remember to hit the ball from the inside of the target line if you want to hit it solid.

3. Meet any changes in elevation

Generally, you should level your shoulders when hitting any golf shot. However, if the green on the field is uneven, you need to adjust your shoulders to meet the changes in incline. Practicing in the GOLFZON golf simulators where the swing plates according to golf ball position. If the ball is placed higher than your feet, pull your body up a bit and strike the ball. In contrast, if the ball is lower than your feet, lower your center of gravity and bend more from your hips at address to hit the ball. If the right side of the plate sits below the left which means it’s extremely difficult to approach the ball on an upward incline, lower your right shoulder to match the changes in incline, and vice versa.

4. How to take an iron to hit a punch shot

If bad weather occurs for a curtain day, such as the wind is blowing heavily against your face or it is raining, usually you need to take a 6-iron or even 5-iron for a punch shot. Punch shots are also often used by pro-golfers. To hit good punch shots, place the ball 1/2 the diameter of the ball to the right off the middle, and your body inclines toward your left (left foot 60% and right foot 40%). Don’t do full swing but 3/4 swing.
Practice your iron swings with the help of the above tips to achieve the results of better contact with irons, good center-face impact, and superior distance control.

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