The summer heat has gone and now it’s time to enjoy the cool autumn breeze. Seasons change. So do cities. But it’s comforting to know no matter where you are, you can enjoy the fun of golf with golf enthusiasts from all over the world. The rainy days in spring and summer are annoying, and golfing in the wind at an outdoor driving range can sometimes freak you out. Here you go. We have pro You Ho Lee to share six ultimate tips to hit a low shot in the wind.

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Tip 1: Release your hands when addressing the ball
Release your hands at address, and hit the ball at a lower angle. It’s important to release your hands at address to ensure your club face has a variable degree of rightwards tilt away from the target and the ball at impact can be lowered the launch angle. Try to swing through the shot with a more passive release from the hands.

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Tip 2: Hands first and the ball should sit closer to your right foot.
The second key to a lower shot in the wind is to place the ball close to your right foot and follow the rule: hands first, club last. If the ball sits closer to your left foot, it will lead to a relatively higher shot. Oppositely if the ball is teed closer to your right foot, it’s easier to hit down on the ball and strike a lower shot. Correct posture is the first step to good shots. An air shot is mainly caused by the inaccurate golf posture and it is necessary to master the correct address setup from the very beginning. So now follow the tips to get your address position perfect for solid shots in the wind.

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Tip 3: Incline your body toward your left
Ensure that your body inclines toward your left when addressing. If you aim slightly left of the target and incline your body toward your left, you can close your clubface into impact to hit a lower shot.

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Tip 4: Don’t keep your wrists cocked during the backswing
Don’t keep your wrists cocked during the backswing in order to hit a low shot. Keeping your wrists cocked during the backswing will cause an open clubface to hit a higher shot in the wind.

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Tip 5: Don’t Release your wrists and hands
Remember not to release your wrists and hands during the downswing. If you release your wrists too early before the impact, the clubface angle will rise and the ball will fly high above the ground in the wind.

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Tip 6: Release your golf swing low and hit the ball farther
Releasing your golf swing low is the key to a smooth takeaway on the proper path. A low release of your swing will help you to hit the ball more squarely and farther. To release the golf club means that you are rotating the arms and wrists over the top through impact. However, when you try to hit a low shot in the wind, it may cause the ball rise high above the ground if you release your swing high. Instead, it’s imperative that you release the club low through impact in the wind.

Above are the 6 top secrets to a low shot in the wind by our pro You Ho Lee. Now let’s enjoy practicing the low shots in the cool autumn breeze.