Golfers experience several frustrating moments during an 18 hole round, especially when their balls go into the bunkers. However, bunker shots can be one of those joys of golf if you are fully aware of some tips we are going to give you now. Golfers get nervous because of the thoughts that you cannot touch the sand with clubs, your lower body isn’t fixed, and the slope is too steep for you. Bunker shots are quite unlike other golf shots, therefore you need to follow some key tips to hit better bunker shots.

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Keep the grip pressure light throughout the entire swing but hit only sand strongly
The most important point is the ‘contact’ between the club and the ball. The clubhead should pass underneath the ball, coming in contact with the sand only. A wider bunker stance is the key to a successful bunker play. The wider stance creates a flatter swing arc. It is possible that when you use all your strength to hit a shot out of the bunker, it will make the leading edge of the club to dig and get stuck. What’s worse, you might get hurt if you hit down heavily on the ball from a bunker. However, if the impact is accurate, you will get a tension-free and relaxed golf swing, which is smoother and allows consistent rhythm and tempo.

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Grip the club shorter and use a wider stance
If you have trouble with practicing perfect contact, we recommended you grip the club shorter. Gripping the club shorter means a relatively shorter distance of the shot, but in contrast, will help you control the golf ball trajectory easily. It’s best to address the ball with a slightly open stance and a square clubface, and incline your body toward your left when addressing. This promotes a higher, softer ball flight and allows a good angle for the clubface to slide under the ball. Try to hit down at the right point 3cm at the back of the golf ball. The swing path of the shot gets the ball to come out high and soft, rendering a lower shot with a good impact.

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Shift nearly all your weight to your left
Normally it is suggested that your body should incline toward your left when addressing. If you fail to do it when addressing, remember to incline your body toward your left at impact until your golf swing release. When it comes to the situation that the bump is high, all you have to do is hit the sand with an open club face. If your incline your body toward your right, the club bottoms out too early and hits the ground behind the ball. The clubhead speed decreases on way down and moves upward through impact, producing a higher and weaker flight. What’s more, how to hit out of the bunker when the sand is compact? It is best to hit a flatter, smooth but heavier golf shot when the sand is compact.

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It is also more challenging to escape and control your distances in bunkers. Apparently, you may send the golf ball over the green if you hit down heavily on the ball. Therefore, it is suggest that your swing should enable the back swing to be very up and down (or V-shaped) to get rid of sending the ball over the green. Practice makes perfect, so don’t dread hitting a perfect bunker shot.