Do you know how did Tiger Woods hit his shots with a 2-iron instead of 5-wood at the British Open? Do you know how to hit a good stinger shot under pressure and in the wind? “Stinger” is a term for a type of golf shot that was popularized by Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods is known to use a stinger a lot over the years. A stinger shot is the shot that flies low to the ground and runs a lot once it hits the ground. A stinger shot is essentially a punch shot. Clearly, a stinger shot is great to hit under pressure and in the wind, also on a cold fairway.

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Let’s see how Tiger Woods hits his stinger shots. We have 4 tips to master a good stinger shot in the wind:

Tip 1: Put the golf ball in the middle or a bit right of the stance
Set up in a slightly narrower stance than usual. It is important to set your clubface to the target. In normal cases, Tiger prefers to place his ball inside his left heel for his 3 wood and his driver.

Tip 2: Bend over your knees a bit when leaning over
We mentioned that if you want to hit a more accurate shot, you need to lower your center of gravity and bend more from your hips at address to hit the ball.

Tip 3: The logo of the gloves should be lowered toward the ground at impact

Tip 4: The proper release of the golf club stems from good body rotation with tension free arms.

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In general, there are also some secrets to a good stinger shot:

Secret 1: Place the ball in the middle of your stance for steeper angle of attack which will lower the launch angle

Secret 2: Grip the bottom of the club primarily with your middle two fingers and hit the shot that stays very low with little spin and runs after hitting the ground.

Secret 3: When it comes to the backswing, try to slow the rhythm of the swing down to the ball position and focus on a stronger impact. Keep your hands leading the club well past impact.

Secret 4: Open your stance to the left of the target. The golf club release is the most important part of the golf swing. Don’t release the club higher than your shoulders.

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It will definitely become your secret weapon to win the game if you mater the technique, in particular when you need to hit a good shot in the wind. The basic key to a good stinger shot is about hitting a shot that flies low to the ground. The ball position is rather essential. Place the ball 3cm to 5cm to the right off the middle because it helps you hit a shot bored into the wind and gives you more control of your swing.