Golf Course (2)Golfing looks simple. All you need to do is to hit a ball into a series of 18 holes spaced far apart on a course in as few strokes as possible by using various clubs. A game of golf needs 3 to 4 players to make a team and it takes 3 to 6 hours to play a round. For casual golfers, usually 4 players can form a group to play, and for golfers seeking competition, the 4 players are divided into 2 teams to compete against each other. So what are the golfers’ purposes of playing golf? When we explain the word “golf”, we would say G stands for green, O for oxygen, L for light and F for food, which means that a player enjoys playing golf on the green with the sun shining and players inhale oxygen when playing. Golfers consider the purposes of playing golf to be for the sports, for the family gatherings or friend meets, and for the business relationship building.

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Playing golf for the sports
Golfing is not only considered to be a leisure activity but also a type of sports. Some golfers enjoy the pleasant feeling of scoring well. They already conjure up in their minds that how to swing well to match with different courses. If you are a frequent visitor to those golf forums, you may have seen a vast number of sharing their reviews on the golf equipment, and their experience on how to play more accurate putting or how to enjoy playing long tee shot. This is another positive way to help you gain your scores on golfing and enjoy the burst of pleasure of a sport.

Playing golf for the family gatherings or friend meets
Golfing is not only about hitting a ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible, but also about the classy golf courses where you can enjoy a fantastic healing golf trip. Playing with the three other members should be more fun than playing a sport alone. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the golf courses, share the precious moments and build intimacy with your team members. You don’t need to pay too much attention to the score, but instead, it is more important to enjoy golf itself. Lately, it is reported that an increasing number of senior golfers enjoy golf itself more than scoring. Isn’t it nice to play golf with your families and friends, gossip, exchange opinions on golf and share your recent discoveries and addictions with them?

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Playing golf for the business relationship building
Being a relaxed sport, golf is great for business relationship building. If you are a business golfer and play golf for the purpose of bonding with their keys clients, you can share your business ideas with your business partners or clients on a quiet and beautiful golf course, and successfully build intimacy with each other. It is important to develop the proper golf manners for maintaining the business relationships. Make sure to confirm the basic rules and local rules of golf before you play a round of golf.

It is always good to see that people enjoy sports no matter what type of sports it is. We hope that all golfers can develop a strong body and mind by playing golf no matter where they are.