new year's golf goals 2

If you’re a golfer, as you welcome 2016, you may have set different golf goals for the new year. And depending on your goals and golf skills, there are many ways to achieve them. We’re going to present 3 popular new year’s golf goals and introduce ways for achievement.


  1. “I will continue to practice golf this year”

new year's golf goals

Perhaps you might have set this goal early last year. But physically it would’ve been difficult to keep up for reasons of time, cost, etc.

For deligient and continuous golf practices, take advantage of GOLFZON’s GDR golf simulator. GDR is equipped with practice modules for beginners, driving range modules for improving your swings, and modules for correcting your swing posture. With these step-by-step practice modules, you’ll find your skills growing each and every day you practice with GDR!


  1. “I want to showcase my skills on the field this year”

new year's golf goals 3

You’ve felt the rush of exhilaration when you experienced field golf for the first time. However, you’ll rarely have the chance to showcase your skills when encountering different course conditions.

If you’ve felt uneasy about going to an actual course because of your inconsistent play, take GOLFZON’s VISION golf simulator for a spin. Preview and experience actual golf courses on our simulator, practice and develop your course strategy. You’ll experience the realistic presence of being on an actual course.


  1. “I want to enjoy golf with family and friends this year”

new year's golf goals 4

Being able to share in the interests of “golf” with good company is a very special experience.

However, if you’ve felt uncomfortable about going to an actual course with your spouse, family or friends, now you can all practice and enjoy golf together on GOLFZON’s golf simulators. Practice together on GDR or enjoy an exciting group round of golf on GOLFZON’s VISION. Combined with drinks and snacks, you’ll feel like you’re on a picnic.