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Do you need to slug it out on the golf course in summer heat? Are you worried about catching sunstroke while staying in the sun for hours? As temperatures rise and humidity sets in, most golfers find it a great challenge to enjoy golf in summer. However, golfers can still enjoy golf in the summer heat if they pay attention to some summer golfing tips.

Water comes first
Staying hydrated is a must whether you are on an outdoor golf course or outside for other sports. It is essential to drink enough water prior to play and throughout the round.

Wear a protective Sunscreen
It is advisable to use a  SPF 50+, PA+++ protective sunscreen in the summer heat to protect your skin if you are planning to stay on the golf courses for a long time. Make sure you apply the sunscreen 30min before going out for optimal protection. Don’t forget to apply the sunscreen every 2 hours.

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Light colored clothes are preferred
In order to keep you cool and decrease the skin damage by UV rays, wearing light colored clothes is the best choice. Also, wearing a white golf hat is a good way to protect your hair from UV rays.


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Scoring strategy score
The grass on the golf course grows faster in summer, so the golf ball will be on the upper side of the green more than usual. Therefore, you will need to adjust the angle before you tee off by placing the ball slightly closer to your left foot. This way, your shot will be more accurate and score successfully.

indoor golf simulator for practice

How to enjoy golf more

There are many advantages to playing GOLFZON golf simulators in the summer. You don’t need to worry about rain or UV rays when playing virtual golf. GOLFZON GDR can record your swing motions and provide accurate data analysis on ball speed, spin rate, launch angle and distance for the previous shot. GOLFZON VISION offers the golfers tee shot, approach and putting shots and much more in a real-world environment. Golfers will not only enjoy the immersive visuals of full HD golf courses but also by the dynamic play of GOLFZON VISION.

GOLFZON golf simulators continue to earn the love of the golfers with their advanced sensors, accurate analysis and diverse functions. Play a round of virtual golf course this summer and have fun with GOLFZON golf simulators-!