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From November to January, as the temperature falls with the approaching winter, golfing becomes more difficult to play. Korea has four distinct seasons and during its harsh winters, golf courses are closed for the season. But certain areas in China, Japan, Canada and Europe, golf courses remain open due to mild winter conditions.


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However, golfers in regions with snowy winters such as Canada, Argentina, northern Europe, and some areas of China are still able to enjoy the game with “Snow Golf”. Colorful golf balls being played on beautiful snow white golf courses is sure to be a unique experience.


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In snow golf, it is essential to wear proper winter clothing to keep warm while playing long outdoor rounds. Thick socks and golf shoes that provide secure footing when swinging your clubs are also recommended. And, as always, warm up sufficiently to prevent injuries.


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<GOLFZON’s mascot “Ari” and VISION simulator>


You can also enjoy golfing indoors with golf simulators. In South Korea, this way of golfing is very popular and often indoor golf parties are held to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Select your favorite course and enjoy a round of golf with friends on GOLFZON VISION. Swing-plate provides an additional sense of realism as it replicates course slopes and terrain conditions.


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Improve your winter golf practice with the GDR System. GDR collects your swing data and identifies areas of improvement to make you a better player. You can also view video playback of your swings.

This is good news for golfers! Be it snow golf or golf simulators, you can now enjoy golf throughout the year regardless of weather conditions.